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Chapter 102


A Sister’s Ambush


The day before we left the capital, I took Tanya with me to walk around on the streets.


As a matter of fact, we had no gaps in our schedule. But since we could only come around the capital so often, we still wanted to make time for a shopping trip.


Plus, I want to bring home some souvenirs for everyone who was still hanging around back home.


“What does everyone like?”


For Rehme and Moneda, I prepared the capital’s specialty sweets. The two of them were performing cerebral work, after all, so sugar was essential.


But for Sei and Merida, sweets would only make them think of work. So what should I choose then?


“Any gift picked by you will make everyone happy!”


I could only smile awkwardly in response to Tanya’s answer.


“That makes it the most troublesome. I rarely get the chance to give other people gifts, so I need to pick something useful to others…if it’s something they wanted already, that would be even better.”


As usual, I changed before leaving. Even though we’d already went through a few shops and picked a few backup gif….Continue Reading



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