Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter Chapter 105(Patron Only)

Dark Theme

Chapter split into two (2) pages. This is a patron only chapter, will be locked with a password for 3 days before it is unlocked. You can donate on patron and get the password hehe XD

Chapter 105 Negotiations 2


Van bit his lip hard.


“…So, I don’t plan to continue negotiating with you. Please forgive me for departing now.”


“…Please wait!”


He approached me as I stood up.


But Tanya, Ryle, and Dida stood between me and him.


“Do you have any more business with me?”


“I, I…!”


I observed Van coolly as he shouted.


“What should I do! Help me please!”


Help me please…hm. Hearing his words, I couldn’t help but start laughing scornfully.


“Why oh why must I help you?”




“I’m the ‘evil woman’ who was picking on the ‘gentle’ Yuri, right? Didn’t you already admonish me alongside Sir Edward? You want a person like that to help you without offering me anything in return?”


My voice was so cold that I scared even myself.


Hearing his pleas for help, my mind remained blank, thoughtless.


Of course I had no sympathy for him. And my position was no longer the warped sense of satisfaction I had felt in the past.


All that there was was…nothing. It really felt like nothing. I no longer cared what happened to him anymore


“My father was rejected from the position of the pope. But I thought that ….Continue Reading Chapter





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