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Chapter 107 Tanya’s concern




Combing through the hair I’d let down, I sighed.


It was almost at the time when the calendar was about to flip over, signifying the end of a day.


After I finished preparing all the small things milady needed to finish before going to sleep, I was also about to go to bed.


Although a lot of people ask, “Do you really ever sleep?” in a half-joking way, I’m human too. Of course, sleep is necessary.


Plus, this seemed like a more suitable question for Mr. Sebastian rather than me. He looked as if he would never tire, always with a gentle expression on his face. How admirable.


I needed to treat him as my role model, and continuously improve myself to that end.


As I mulled over one thing after another, I suddenly picked up the ribbon on the table. The one that was in a set with Merida, milady, and Rehme.


…When was it? I recall it was back when I was still practicing as a servant girl.


When milady’s father invited a merchant friend over, and milady was asked if there was anything she wanted, she picked out these hair ribbons.


“That’s all? What about these gemstones?”…..Continue Reading