Chapter 108 A secret meeting at night part 1


Knock knock. I opened the door.


Seemingly without reason, Dida was standing there.


“It’s quite late. What are you here for?”


“…Uh, sorry. Were you already sleeping?”


“Yes. Milady slept early today, so my work also ended earlier than usual.”


“Ah, I see…really, though, don’t open the door with your guard down like that. As a woman, you should stay on alert.”


“Well, we don’t really need to worry about that in this mansion…plus, I’m not completely without experience in these situations. If it comes to a desperate situation, I will use force.”


I said this with a smile. An awkward, bitter smile flashed across Dida’s face.


But quickly enough, his expression became serious.


“…what about opponents that you can’t deal with? What will you do then? For example, I would be able to defeat you easily.”


“True…out of everyone in this mansion, only you and Ryle are truly a challenge to confront. As for other enemies who might invade, if I do find any adversary truly challenging, they probably won’t have come for my looks, but for my life. Well…I still trust you two, for the time being.”…Continue Reading


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