Chapter 109 A secret meeting at night part 2


“What about you, making that expression? What, do you want to be complained about by some noble? Or are you unhappy about receiving the strict instruction of the senior maid once more?”


“Are you going to say that in front of her?”


“I wouldn’t dare.”


He laughed out loud while I sighed.


“No, not because of that…it’s just that I’m a bit troubled.”


“Whatever you’re being troubled about…either way, it must have something to do with the mistress.”


“What do you mean, ‘either way’?”


I glared at him, while he laughed, “Ah, sorry, what a disrespectful thing for me to say.” Seeing his reaction, I realized that what I was doing was letting out my frustration at him, so I sighed again.


“…Well, you’re not wrong. What I’m thinking about does have to do with milady.”


“…has something gone wrong with her?”


His voice and expression immediately became serious.


Seeing that, I felt at ease–to this man, milady was of massive important.


“You should have sensed it as well? The longer she stays in the capital, the worse she seems to look and feel.”


“That’s true.”


Dida nodded with a bitter smile….Continue Reading


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