Chapter 110 Return


“Finally, we’re back…”


I exclaimed.


…It really had been so long.


Compared with the season before our nation’s founding celebration day, I hadn’t stayed that long in the capital this time.


Even so, I felt like this…perhaps because every day here was so concentrated, so dense.


Last time I came back I also sighed a breath of relief, but this time I was even more relieved.


When I arrived at the mansion, all the servants came out to greet me.


“Welcome back.”


Everyone seems on the verge of both laughter and tears. I couldn’t help but also tear up a bit.


I really made everyone worry.


“We’re glad that you have returned safely…I, for one, am very happy. Please do rest well today.”


“Thank you, Sebastian.”


If this were any other time, I would have gone straight to the study. But this time I went back to my room……….Continue Reading Chapter



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