Chapter 111 Busy


“I want to learn more about the contents of this report. Please help me summon whoever was responsible for it.”


I pointed at the mountain of files on my desk.


“The ones over here are already decided. Return them to the various departments.”


And now it was time for the mountain next to me…the thought that there would still be more after I finished this load was almost enough to make me cry.


“That’s the part that needs editing. There’s too much needless waste proposed. If that section is necessary, please note your reasons for retaining it.”


And then there were more files next to me. I could already imagine the folks at this department hanging their heads in disappointment…those in the finance department should be of the same opinion as me.


“The bridge there is quite old…compared to our equipment over here, perhaps it would be better to fix the bridge first.”


…and it was only the second day back.


I had been surrounded by several mountains of paperwork since morning when I arrived in the study…..Continuing Reading

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