Chapter 113 Convincing


The new church was really a solemn building. As if trying to show off the power of the territory, it was adorned with luxurious decorations…or was that explanation a bit too forced? Thinking these self-deprecating thoughts, I smiled at myself.


It was my first visit to this place. The reason I hadn’t visited before was the reason for this building’s construction. To protest the substitute territory leader’s activities against the church, I had abandoned my work and became a hermit at home–with all my other colleagues.


If I were to put my mood at the time into words, it would probably be outrage. Iris abandoned the church. This showed us the correct way to proceed…I believed that justice was on my side. That’s why I took action.


Even though I knew that a new church had been built, I viewed this as Iris’s way of covering up her mistakes and refused to visit the church.


…Even after it was declared that she was innocent.


No, precisely because it was declared. That caused an even deeper sense of denial–”We’ve already come so far!”………………Continue Reading


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