Chapter 114



After they all left, I vacantly gazed at the church.


“…You’ve been told quite sternly just now. It isn’t like you, Milady.”


At Tanya’s words, I smiled.


“I wonder how do you define something that is ‘typical’ of me…?”


At my inquiry, Tanya’s response was packed with words.


“Milady. Please excuse me for being presumptuous, but ever since Milady came to the royal capital, I think that you’ve changed quite considerably. You are working too hard and it feels like you aren’t afraid to show your own fault… I did not feel like that.”


At Tanya’s words, I blinked my eyes in astonishment.


“Indeed, I may have changed considerably along with the bargaining at the royal capital. …No, it may be precisely since the time Dida asked for my resolution.”


That inquiry managed to smash my sweet thoughts. …Only looking for the things ahead. Chasing after ideals, only moving forward. The sensation of “me” that worked as an employee in a peaceful world became my guideline of conduct.


I did not intend to deny that. However, I felt like I was just inside a dream, somewhere. Before the unreality of reincarnation, there was a feeling that I was only having a dream. I was trying not to look at the estrangement I felt………………..Continue Reading

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