Chapter 116 True nature


“Deuban…why must you approach me so silently?


Although he must have noticed the slight displeasure in my tone, the man approaching from behind retained his smile.


“Ah ha, please accept my apologies! It’s really second nature for me. Please forgive me.”


“Even when you speak seriously, I can’t take your words to heart.”


“Of course it’s natural that you would think this way, especially given your perspective…what a pretty wrist, fitting for a princess of this nation!”


“…I am thankful to you. You taught me so much and protected me, after all! So you don’t have to try and impress or flatter me to get me to listen to you. What do you have to say this time?”


“I’m not here to request anything, just to chat for a bit about the day-to-day.”


“The day-to-day?”


“Exactly. Miss, didn’t you used to favor gowns made of Armenia silk? They’ve finally begun to become available in small amounts on the market.”


“Ah…those beautiful gowns! Honestly, I really want one.”


“I thought so too. Well, as long as you flirt with the prince a bit, he would buy it for you. No doubt about it.”


“Heh…is that what you think, Deuban? If I’m going to be honest, I agree with you as well.”…Continue Reading

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