Chapter 117 Dean’s soliloquy


“…Rudy, I’m finished.”


Watching me put down my quill, Rudy smiled softly.


“Thank you for your hard work. I’ll send these to the corresponding departments.”


“If it’s not too much work.”


After saying that, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. We finally finished taking care of all the cases we needed to take care of.


Now even if we went to the Armenia territory things would be fine…that’s what I couldn’t help but think.


“Finally, we could go and visit there without issue.”


I wasn’t supposed to say it, but he saw right through me.


“Well, I think we’re just about done here. All the work that is urgent and important is done. Plus, why are these cases under my jurisdiction anyways? What is the financial office doing?”


“It’s because there aren’t enough people in the palace.”


At the moment, we didn’t just have to arrange for spies to prevent political errors in other nations or various territories, but also within our own palace.


It was because all the big players were still duking it out, while underneath them others were trying to gain the upper hand by competing amongst themselves. Of course, if they w…Continuing Reading

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