Chapter 120 Tanya’s work


“Miss Tanya, can we talk?”


It was after I had put all the tea supplies away and was walking down the hallway.


I wasn’t sure when Dean had gotten in front of me, but he called out for me.


“What is it?”


After I asked this, Dean glanced around casually, confirming that we were the only ones left there before speaking.


“Do you know Dawson Kataberia (the son of the head of knights)?”


Dean’s words made my gaze sharper.


“Of course. What about him?”


“He seems to be lurking around this territory and near your lady. It’s unclear what he’s trying to snoop around for.”


“Where did you hear this?”


“I heard about it coincidentally in the capital. As you know, me and Duke Anderson are related.”


“I see.”


If it were Master’s connections, then this information was more reliable.


No matter what, Master had connections to both the military and the knights’ order.


Even so, it wasn’t good to come to rash conclusions. Right now it was best to make sure that this news was real. But…


“I understand. But why tell me this?”


This was an important question.


I was just an ordinary servant.


Only a few knew that I was milady’s eyes and ears.


“I needed to confirm the veracity of this news immediately. That’s why I wanted to tell you first. Is there anything wrong with that?”


“So why me?”..Continue Reading

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