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Chapter 90: Resolve


When I came home, I really wanted to just sleep till the next morning, so I crawled under my covers after my bedtime routine.

But my mind was strangely alert, and I didn’t feel a wink of tiredness.

…. My thoughts reeled the conversation with Mother and the view of the tower.

“…. To prevent sadness from further tragedy, to preserve the spectacle before us.”

My mother’s face was extremely beautiful as she said that.

It wasn’t really because of her natural looks, but more like…. I saw an affectionate mother who loved everything around her.

I looked back upon myself, what were my feelings towards my people’s emotions….? As I pondered this, I laughed unwittingly.

Am I not the same as my mother?

When I met Miss Mina and the children at the orphanage…. Or, even earlier than that. I had already steeled my decision when I was touring the fief.

At that time, I wasn’t involved in politics yet, but I had power. A power called the “Authority as the Feudal Lord Representative”.


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