Chapter split into two(2) pages. Oops! My hand slipped so you get a second chapter….

Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter


Chapter 92: A Man’s Troubles


Although I kept my guard, I still followed the woman’s steps.

“…. Tanya.”

Suddenly, she called a name into the empty air in front of her.

There’s no one….? Just as that thought appeared in my head, another woman seemingly materialized to her side.

“You called, missus?”

“Mm, please arrange for a doctor immediately.”

“That’s already been done. We are waiting for missus’ orders.”

“Ah, atta girl, Tanya…. Then, what do you want to do?”

The conversation was suddenly thrown at me. My only response was confusion.

“What I want to do, that means….”

“We’ve already made preparations, so the doctor may go to your little brother promptly. Now, you have two choices- either trust me and have Tanya bring the doctor to your brother’s side right now, or first come to my…………Continue Reading

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