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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 93 – The heart’s door

“….Will he be helpful?”

After he had left, Tanya asked.

“Who knows? If I can just use him properly, I will reach my goals. All I need to do now is make sure tomorrow’s negotiations are successful.”

I smiled recalling him.

“…But, with time, won’t he grow as well?”

“What is your proof…?”

“Just intuition.”

Hearing my answer, Tanya wore a sour expression.

Seeing her reaction, I took in my smile and said,

“He looked a little discontent when we were talking about his younger brother, right? When I had brought up the topic just for fun, his answers were always surprising. When talking about the national treasure and how money goes around too. Even though you will find a lot of people praising Ed-sama and Yuuri-sama if you walk around the city…. Being kept as a pet, huh? Quite the interesting expression.”

“I see….”

“….Well, above all else, I liked how he wouldn’t be won over easily.”

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