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Chapter 97


The Reflections of a Man



It is those far off days that spring to mind when I close my eyes,


Those warm days when we all lived together as a family.


Father had managed the company back then, the workers loved him, the business continued to expand, and as a child, I looked up to him. I thought he was majestic.


My mother…she could be frightening when she scolded me, but otherwise, always wore a soft smile and was a truly warm woman.


And while we did have servants, my mother would cook everything, supporting father even behind the scenes. As a child, seeing my father and mother smiling at each other gave me a sense of pride and a sense of warmth.


And then there was my spirited, bright-eyed younger brother. It was the first time I would know someone that was younger than me. And for that reason, I swore in my heart to protect him.


We were that sort of warm family. Those were such gentle days.

The loss of them was truly unexpected.


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