Chapter 99




Van had come… what possible reason could he have had, coming to see me at this time… I could not help but ponder on this.


It could have only been related to the excommunication upheaval.


Apparently, Van’s father had been relieved of his position as Pope and condemned to  imprisonment.


I feel that he would be better served by relying on those he’s befriended up until now, instead of coming to me for help…


Yuri Noir, the Baron’s daughter…she has gained somewhat of a political voice since becoming  Edward’s betrothed.


Ed is the second son, and his maternal grandfather, Marquis Maeria was now at the height of his power.


Ah…but, Berne is immersed in the daily work he’s undertaken under father, and it would be difficult to see him; Dorsen as well, appears to be very busy ever since he joined the Knights.


But then, I too have plenty of appointments to fulfill.


Ahhh, I just want to finish this and go back to the feudal land. Surely, he wouldn’t impose on me once there.


What does he intend to say to me, face to face…Continue Reading


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