Chapter 103 An Uninvited “Guest”


“Next time be sure to visit our territory.”


“Oh, yes. After I finish all my current jobs, I’ll be sure to go.”


“Then we’ll see each other next time.”


After that, I continued my quest for a suitable gift.


Tomorrow we’ll be returning to our land, so I hope I can get something today.


In the end, I bought a handkerchief for Sei and Merida at an accessories store recommended by Letty, and got sweets for everyone else just as we had planned originally.


While we were taking the carriage back, I was immersed in immense satisfaction. But when we arrived at the gates, that person showed up.


“Miss Iris!”


Saying this, that person approached.


Ryle and Dida immediately stood in front of me, protecting me from the person in question.


“Ah, I wished to see you…Miss Iris, would you be able to reward me with your attention for a few words?”


This was a person I was familiar with.


“Sir Van…why are you here…”


The moment I said the name, Ryle and Dida’s sense of danger seemed to heighten.


And Tanya had also chased him away previously when he showed up unannounced, so her expression was less than pleased as well.


“As to why…I wanted to meet with you beforehand. When I was told you weren’t home, I went away. So today I took the time to stay here and wait for you.”


“Even so, you’re being very rude right now. No appointment, coming straight to the door…you’re completely disrespecting the Duke Armenia’s family!”


Tanya responded aggressively to Van’s excuses.


Although Ryle and Dida didn’t come to shouting, they seemed to hold the same opinions and looked quite unhappy with the situation.


“…Forget it, Sir Van. It’s not convenient to talk here. Let’s talk inside.”


“Miss Iris?”


“I don’t want to cause even more mayhem at the door. Sir Van, I’ll hear you through. Come on in.”


Although it was said in quite a rude tone, I wasn’t so gentle as to treat an uninvited “guest” like this with courtesy.


Taking a deep breath, I walked into the door.


“What a heavy-hearted reception.”


That was what Van said the moment he sat down.


Everyone here viewed him with caution and hostility, after all…of course, Duke Armenia’s servants were not so out of control that they would show all this on the surface.


Even in this guest room, Ryle and Dida and Tanya stood by me, as if guarding me.


“Did you think you would be welcomed here?”


“No. I misspoke.”


“So, what are you here for? I’m returning to my land tomorrow, so please make this explanation short.”


“…I have a favor to ask of you.”


“What is it?”


Although I had asked him to keep it simple, he hadn’t even mentioned the word “negotiation” before going straight to the topic. His uncharacteristic impatience surprised me.


Before that, he had come directly to visit me and ask a favor without so much as an appointment. The three beside me right now were simmering with fury, almost ready to pounce within a moment’s notice.


“I want you to be my sponsor.”




Although I had seen it coming, I never expected him to say it outright…I couldn’t believe that he was shameless enough to do so!


“I caused you a lot of distress this time, so this might seem rather thick-skinned of me…right now, I’m in a difficult situation. And the Church of Darryl is also a mess internally…if we continue on like this, the situation in the Church might seep out and affect the whole kingdom itself. So as a son of the head of state who caused this turmoil, if I construct a cooperative relationship with you, the victim of this event, and show that to everyone…I think there’s no better way to suppress the turmoil than that.”


What he said was true. After the previous mess where the pope and his followers were cleared out and held responsible for their actions, the Church itself was a huge mess at the moment.


At the same time, I had also heard that they were investigating nobles who had secretly formed alliances with the pope…but those nobles were only abandoned pawns, small characters not even worth mentioning. Whoever was behind the scenes and responsible for all this couldn’t be traced at all.


“…It’s true that the Church of Darryl’s current chaos is harmful to the kingdom.”




Van’s eyes, fixed on me, gleamed with the excitement of expectation.


But, I was really sorry for this.


“…But, if I help you, how will I stand to benefit?”


I flipped the question on him with a cold tone.

Translator’s note: Yes, that is the actual end of the chapter. Cliffhanger!





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