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Chapter 106 Negotiations 3


After we exchanged a contract, he left.


“…why were you so kind to him?”


Ryle said with some dissatisfaction.


I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t Tanya asking. But a glance in her direction told me that she was thinking the same thing.


“Kind, huh?”


I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


Seeing my reaction, both of them looked surprised.


“Immediately prepare to reach out to Priest Ralph.”


“Yes, milady,” Tanya responded.


“…I also told Van. Right now, the Church of Daryl is in the midst of revolution. But not everyone agrees with the movement. That’s to be expected.”


It wasn’t just the higher level church officials who had benefited from all that was going on, but also the nobles who were closely connected with the church.


Those people, the nobles and the officials alike…wouldn’t want to watch this revolution from the sidelines without doing anything.


They would undoubtedly engage in some kind of obstruction.


Van’s bloodline put him in quite a bit of danger.


That’s why I wanted to pull him to my side…before the other side got him first.


“…Right now his regret and dissatisfaction with the situation has been transformed into motivation with some help from me. If we give this information to Priest Ralph, he’ll be able to use it to the best of his abilities. What I told Van wasn’t a lie. At the moment, it’s a good plan to set him up in the capital to study medicine and service the people. This will undoubtedly be what Priest Ralph is planning for, and will potentially open up a path into the main church. What’s more, we’ll be able to cash in on the favor he owes us now.”


It was a step taken with full faith in Priest Ralph’s abilities.


“On the other hand, even if he forgets his current dissatisfaction, that’s no loss to us. I’ll still be able to access his movements, and eliminate all potential contact with people on the other side. If we succeed, perhaps we’ll be able to cash in on a favor in the future on Priest Ralph’s side.”


“I see. Then I’ll have my subordinates keep an eye on him.”


“That’s exactly what I was going to ask you to do…no matter how the situation ends up, it will prove beneficial to me. Isn’t that right? Then, how is this kindness?”


When he came to me with his plea, I realized that no matter how things developed they would be beneficial to me.


That’s why I couldn’t stop laughing.


Well, it was a good situation…after all, I was the rich villianness. And Van had delivered himself to me.



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