Chapter 110 Return


“Finally, we’re back…”


I exclaimed.


…It really had been so long.


Compared with the season before our nation’s founding celebration day, I hadn’t stayed that long in the capital this time.


Even so, I felt like this…perhaps because every day here was so concentrated, so dense.


Last time I came back I also sighed a breath of relief, but this time I was even more relieved.


When I arrived at the mansion, all the servants came out to greet me.


“Welcome back.”


Everyone seems on the verge of both laughter and tears. I couldn’t help but also tear up a bit.


I really made everyone worry.


“We’re glad that you have returned safely…I, for one, am very happy. Please do rest well today.”


“Thank you, Sebastian.”


If this were any other time, I would have gone straight to the study. But this time I went back to my room.


That was because today I actually wanted to do what everyone said and rest.


At my leisure, I enjoyed a cup of red tea that Tanya had made for me.


Suddenly, the curtains began to shudder because of the wind. As if invited by the wind, I stood up and approached the window.


And then, I gazed upon the territory from my window.


It was so beautiful, this landscape. Everywhere was permeated with green, and the parallel streets extending into the distance. I…loved the view.


Looking over this view that all previous generations of the family had worked to protect and cultivate, I felt a true pride for the heritage that I shared with them in the form of the blood flowing through my body.


I stared out at the scene before me, breathing out. I was so glad that we found a way to calm this riot…


That way, I could continue caring for this land.


“Ah…right, Tanya, can you call over Ryle or Dida?”


“Yes, milady. Are you going somewhere…?”


“Yes. I can’t just relax because I’m in the mansion.”


“True. Please wait for a minute.”


Tanya left the room, but walked back in quickly.


“I bumped into Dida.”


“Thank you, Tanya….Dida, could you come with me for a walk?”


“No problem. By the way, where are we going?”


“To my grandfather’s.”


“Ah…there. I understand. My duty is to accompany milady wherever you wish to go.”


“Thank you. Tanya, could you prepare a bouquet for me…do you want to come as well?”


“Of course. I’ll go now and prepare. Please wait for a moment.”


Tanya, Dida and I started walking…15 minutes later, we arrived at the place, where the trees grew tall and lustrous.


This was where the previous heads of house slumbered. For some reason, we hadn’t picked out a cemetery, but chose for it to be here.

I don’t understand why. But from here they could gaze upon the Armenia land…and rest here, alongside the mansion that held so many memories. That made me jealous.


I paused before one of the tombstones that was still very new.




From Tanya’s hands I took the bouquet and put it in front of the tombstone.


Grandfather had passed away before I was admitted to the Academy. He was a gentle man completely different from my father, who had the face of a demon king. Because my grandmother was a kind, gentle person as well, I’d always wondered who my father had taken after.


But that’s beside the point.


Since I became the substitute leader, sometimes I would recall my grandfather and come here to visit him.


I think that he loved this land more than anyone else.


In my memory, just like I stood by the window gazing upon the territory, he often brought me when I was young along and looked upon the land as he spoke about it with pride.


He was so gentle. Even after I became substitute leader, I couldn’t help but think that it must have been difficult for him to work in the palace, where liars and the power-hungry took up most of the space.


But now things were different.


When I was participating in territorial politics, I often found traces of his work and couldn’t help but sigh to myself…while also allowing for self-deprecation.


Laughing at myself–for only seeing one side of a person and making the snap judgement that “this must be the kind of person he was.”


Anyone would understand it if they thought about it–the face that my grandfather showed me couldn’t be the same he showed when he was working. Also, I only retained memories of him when I was young. Could I really judge his character based on those shallow impressions?


I could only revolutionize the politics of my territory thanks to the foundation that he had laid for me.


I only realized this when I began to work on public institutions and equipment. My grandfather’s work was everywhere.


Those policies had really been able to predict things not only 10 years, but decades later, especially in terms of confronting disasters. I couldn’t help but be amazed at them.


…I also can’t deny that to build a solid foundation for the future, I keep overlooking the foundations below my own feet.


I had been carrying this work out at the same time that I was dealing with my other duties…he really did love this land. I couldn’t help but be moved.


“I’m back.”


Saying this, I put my hands together in prayer.


I wanted to apologize for bringing chaos to the territory, and pray that my grandfather continue to protect and guard us in the future.


Although I knew there would be no response, my thoughts came in torrents.


“…I’m done.”


I stood up, turned around. Tanya and Dida were smiling.


“Let’s go back.”


My mood had cleared up a lot, and we left.



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