Chapter 116 True nature


“Deuban…why must you approach me so silently?


Although he must have noticed the slight displeasure in my tone, the man approaching from behind retained his smile.


“Ah ha, please accept my apologies! It’s really second nature for me. Please forgive me.”


“Even when you speak seriously, I can’t take your words to heart.”


“Of course it’s natural that you would think this way, especially given your perspective…what a pretty wrist, fitting for a princess of this nation!”


“…I am thankful to you. You taught me so much and protected me, after all! So you don’t have to try and impress or flatter me to get me to listen to you. What do you have to say this time?”


“I’m not here to request anything, just to chat for a bit about the day-to-day.”


“The day-to-day?”


“Exactly. Miss, didn’t you used to favor gowns made of Armenia silk? They’ve finally begun to become available in small amounts on the market.”


“Ah…those beautiful gowns! Honestly, I really want one.”


“I thought so too. Well, as long as you flirt with the prince a bit, he would buy it for you. No doubt about it.”


“Heh…is that what you think, Deuban? If I’m going to be honest, I agree with you as well.”


The thought of Edward trying his hardest to get me one of those gowns made me laugh out loud.


“But that’s risky too. That territory is already gathering up so much wealth. If they manage to gather up more…”


“…True. But this is all your fault, Deuban!”


“Oh? How so?”


“It’s all because your plan from before failed that she could even stay within the society of nobles. I even introduced you to the pope and everything. But because you failed, she’s obtained even greater power!”


“It really is my fault. I had your help, yet this is how things turned out…I am truly sorry!”


“Dammit…don’t fail again next time.”


“Yes, Miss…forgive me for speaking my mind, but you really do hate that duke’s daughter.”


“Oh, absolutely. She was born with everything and enjoys it all with a look of entitlement that disgusts me. I was hoping I could see her in a flustered state when she left the Academy…”


I couldn’t help but glance at the window. My own face was reflected there.


“All this time, back when I lived in those streets below I’ve thought the same thing. That isn’t the world I belong in. I’m so cute, I couldn’t just be buried in that sort of place! So I worked hard to get where I am now. I can’t give up until I achieve my goal.”


“How dependable you are.”


“One day, this nation will belong to me. Heh heh, I really look forward to that day!”


Without realizing it, I seemed to have gotten a bit too excited and wasn’t even thinking to control the volume of my voice. Deuban applauded my speech.


“Speaking of which, according to your recommendations, I stopped interacting with Van and he disappeared immediately afterwards…was this really a good idea?”


“Of course. Allowing him to remain by your side is no longer beneficial. It’s only after you chase him off that he’ll do something useful!”


“Fu fu…in that case, I look forward to seeing what happens!”


“Definitely…how has your relationship with the prince been going?”


“Very well. It’s a little embarrassing to talk about, but he really is adorable!”


“Well, well…you won’t fall into the same traps your mother did, right? I’m worried for you.”


His words were like a spray of cold water to the face. My heart became cold. And I was originally in such a good mood too.


“I am different from my mother. I won’t become what she did.”


“That’s good to hear. Well then, my time here is almost up. Please allow me to come by and visit you next time again.”


“Ah, I look forward to seeing you again.”

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