Chapter 120 Tanya’s work


“Miss Tanya, can we talk?”


It was after I had put all the tea supplies away and was walking down the hallway.


I wasn’t sure when Dean had gotten in front of me, but he called out for me.


“What is it?”


After I asked this, Dean glanced around casually, confirming that we were the only ones left there before speaking.


“Do you know Dawson Kataberia (the son of the head of knights)?”


Dean’s words made my gaze sharper.


“Of course. What about him?”


“He seems to be lurking around this territory and near your lady. It’s unclear what he’s trying to snoop around for.”


“Where did you hear this?”


“I heard about it coincidentally in the capital. As you know, me and Duke Anderson are related.”


“I see.”


If it were Master’s connections, then this information was more reliable.


No matter what, Master had connections to both the military and the knights’ order.


Even so, it wasn’t good to come to rash conclusions. Right now it was best to make sure that this news was real. But…


“I understand. But why tell me this?”


This was an important question.


I was just an ordinary servant.


Only a few knew that I was milady’s eyes and ears.


“I needed to confirm the veracity of this news immediately. That’s why I wanted to tell you first. Is there anything wrong with that?”


“So why me?”


To my repeated questions, Dean smiled, seeming slightly confused.


“Observing your motions, one might realize that you have some training in martial arts.”




“I’ve studied from Duke Anderson, so I can at least determine something like that. Judging from your personality, you would definitely be the type to utilize this power. Am I wrong?”


“…If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to tell one of her guards?”


“Oh, are you not a guard? I’m not sure what your position is.”


He had me.


It was true. He had never mentioned my job.


Digging your own grave—I guess that was a phrase for me.


…As if he could read my thoughts, Dean tucked away his smile.


“But back on topic…I’ll say it again. After observing your day-to-day actions, I guessed that you had trained in some kind of martial arts. From how your gaze moves, to how your feet move…it’s not hard to tell. Going down that line of thought, it seems more likely that you’re her eyes and ears than any kind of guard. That’s what I thought.”


“Is…that so…”


Was I too weak, or was the man before me too observant?

“Who are you?”


Whatever he said would not be true.


Even if I were weak, I shouldn’t have been seen through by a man who only knew a bit of martial arts.


Only a man who had the same level of natural talent as Master, who had trained for at least a decade would be able to tell.


Or perhaps someone who had faced off against someone who was at an equal level to me.


Only then could my observational movements be caught.


Thinking about it like that, the man before me should be the latter.


I couldn’t help but ask this.


“How…would a merchant guild’s merchant’s son bump into a confrontation like that?”


In response to my question, the man before me laughed.


In his eyes was a sliver of a shadow.


“Whatever. Please pass this information onto milady.”


I couldn’t keep asking this man any personal business.


He hadn’t let any clues slip in my conversation with him.


To my response, the man narrowed his eyes, slightly surprised.


“Of course. But shouldn’t you verify its truth before you pass it on?”


“I’ll do that. But I think that this is something she should know as soon as possible…are you so surprised by my decision?”


“Yes. I thought you wouldn’t tell her news that wasn’t confirmed so she wouldn’t worry.”


“…I can’t deny that.”


If this were the past, I might have done that.


No, it was more likely than not that I would have.




“Milady stands on her own two feet, walking forward with strength. As someone who serves her, if I slow her down without any important reason, she won’t be able to move forward.”


When I was talking with milady, I couldn’t help but have goosebumps.


I saw for myself her determination.


At the same time, I recalled my conversation with Dida from earlier.


That late night secret meeting.


My function was not protecting milady with silk and cotton, preventing her from getting hurt.


It was following by her side as hands and feet, or ears and eyes.


If I wanted to protect her, I couldn’t withhold unconfirmed information or plug my eyes and ears after making a mistake.


That wasn’t my job.


It was…


“You’re not someone who would harm her, are you?”


The second I asked…the man laughed out loud.


“I’m honored to be acknowledged by you like that, Miss Tanya.”


He said.


“I understand. Miss Tanya, the confirmation of this news and other news, I leave to you.”


“You don’t have to tell me to do anything.”


The man turned away. I turned and walked forward to complete my work.



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