Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 122 Report


“…Miss. Dawson has entered Armenia area.”


I let out a sigh, hearing Tanya’s report at night.


I was flustered when I heard from Dean but I am calm now thanks to that.


“Monitor him. And stop him immediately if he tries to do something funny.”




“What does he want, now after all this time…?”


If I were to be honest, I wanted to capture him at once and send him back to his home.


“What about his work?”


“It seems he has taken days off from work.”


“To let that person move on his own… what is Dolna thinking?”


“Wasn’t stopping the Chivalric Order’s Knight also a bad outcome for him? That appears to be everything to him. It is good to be prideful and all but go too far and that’s just arrogance. As there is only one man there, if they were to disinherit, they would have to choose someone from their relatives. Did they perhaps think of it as their last chance before that?”


“So very kind of them…”


I ended up snickering unintentionally.


“Well, it’s fine. I won’t forgive anything selfish.”


I clenched my fists with determination.


“Oh, right, what happened today?”


“Eh?! What do you mean by what happened?”


The sudden change in topic took me off guard.


“What…? I was talking about the thing in the city…”


“Ah… the city, yes…”


I might have just been too weirdly over the top with my reactions.


Well, leaving that aside.


“I thought it was very good.”


Nothing else comes up in my mind.


That was all.


“Is that so?”


Tanya also smiled happily.


“That reminds me-”


A thought came to my mind upon hearing the word ‘city’, and so I thought of speaking about it.


“Say, for instance, that you have made a big blunder. And it’s something which can’t be undone. If you encounter a similar situation again, what would you do?”


“That’s a difficult question.”


Tanya raised her eyebrows, looking troubled.


“Would I fail again for sure if I encounter such a situation?”


“Who knows. I don’t know about that. But, you have failed such a situation once and have gone through the experience.”


“I will try again… I guess I can’t say that, huh?”


Saying that, Tanya closed her eyes.


Looks like she is thinking it through seriously.


After a while, Tanya assembled her thoughts and answered,


“If it were me… I would think about the things to gain and things I might lose beyond that situation.”


“I am sure, if it were something very trivial, I would think of avoiding it without hesitation. If I end up hesitating, then it would surely be because of a desire I can’t cast away which would lie beyond that hard situation. Therefore, I think I would compare the two sides. What I would lose and what I would gain. About the things I will lose if I avoid the situation, the things I have now which I don’t want to lose.”


“A desire you can’t cast away…”


“Yes, only speaking hypothetically considering my situation. I don’t quite know your intention behind the question but… Milady, if, you were to encounter such a situation, I would follow the decision you come to to the bitter end. Everyone else also thinks the same. Even if their methods are different, we are all the same in wanting to support you. If you reach the limits of your thoughts, please think of us. And, please use us…. Was such an answer alright?”


“Yes, it was more than enough. Thank you… I am tired, I will be going to bed now.”






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