Chapter 126 Tanya’s concerns


“Hold on, Tanya.”


It was the middle of the night. I was about to leave, but was called to a stop.


“What is it, Dida? I’m busy.”


I glared at him, but Dida maintained his usual casual smile.


“I know. You received an order from milady to investigate the east region, correct? And you also have to look after young master. You’re working quite hard.”


“If you think so, then perhaps it would be a good time to leave now.”


“That’s unnecessary.”




“I’ll be the one investigating. If you’re buying a biscuit, you should go to the biscuit store. I’ll go back to the old nest.”


Hearing this, I understood what he wanted.


The man before me was from the east region…besides that, he was once a member of that organization.


Lady Iris picked him up when she was traveling with her family in the east.


It wasn’t far from the capital of the territory, plus it was by the sea. So the east region was a frequent destination for their travels.


That was also when I was working and practicing…so I didn’t go with her, but instead waited for her at home. Seeing this man come back with her, I was more than surprised.


“Don’t you have your own work?”


“I also have quite the excellent partner. Plus, all of our subordinates are well-trained. Everything will be fine.”


“…Even so, you can’t do this. You’re the kind of person who wouldn’t utilize the organization’s power and look into things on your own. But even if it was from when you were young, they’ll still remember your face…it’s dangerous.”


“Hey, come on. I for one think that I have a few good moves up my sleeve.”


“I know. You don’t have to tell me that. But why? Why do you want to do this?”


“If we’re going to put ourselves out there for Lady Iris, I should be the one to do it. As I mentioned, I understand the landscape there better.”


As if to demand his true intentions, I stared straight at him.


He smiled, seeming a bit confused…but eventually, his expression became serious.


“I keep having a bad feeling about the whole situation. So I wanted to go ahead and confirm things for myself. If I can clear the slate, then I’ll do that too.”


“Do you think that I’ll let you go alone after hearing that?”


“I’ve said it before. I can handle pretty dangerous situations…so, sorry about this.”


The moment he said that…something hit me.


I had been careless. I couldn’t help but scold myself.


At the same time, my consciousness began to dissipate.


The last thing I saw was him.


His expression was incredibly apologetic.


…When I opened my eyes again, my brain couldn’t process what was going on.


Why? The scene that entered my eyes was so completely normal.


It was my room.


But it wasn’t a dream.


Looking down at the clothes I was wearing, I sunk into thought.


I immediately tidied myself up and ran out of the room to report to milady.


“…Dida has gone to investigate?”


The moment I spoke, her eyes went big.


“Although I understand that I shouldn’t worry about him…I still do. Would he do something careless?”


She spoke her thoughts out loud.


“Even so, if we were to bring him back, Ryle…We don’t have the kind of resources to send out someone so skilled. Most importantly, I’m quite grateful for his actions. We’ll see how things go.”


“…I understand.”


I couldn’t go against milady’s decision.


Pushing down the annoying foreboding feeling that kept appearing in my heart, I returned to my usual duties.






























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