Chapter 143 Settlements Part 2


“Can I ask one final question?”


“If you wish.”


“What do you think of knights?”


“Glorious soldiers that protect the nation…but I really only know one knight. I worry that he’ll confuse glory and pride!”


That’s the problem with representatives. Because there’s only one, you end up confusing them with everyone.


To me, Dawson was a classic example of that.


Although I understood that he couldn’t stand for everyone, I couldn’t eliminate the doubt I felt toward knights so easily.


“Is that so.”


Dawson’s expression seemed clearer now.


“I’m sorry for interfering with your business. Excuse me.”


Saying that, he left decisively.


“Don’t relax supervision of him until he leaves the territory.”


I said to Tanya after he left.


Tanya saluted me before leaving.


“What do you think?” I asked the two behind me.


“What, that little knight?”


I nodded in response to Ryle’s question.


“I can’t read his thoughts, so I can’t say much…”


I couldn’t help but give an exasperated smile.


“Generally after they learn that a woman their age is so active, and then are scolded by her…it’s hard for men to take that silently. It almost feels a bit passive.”


“So do you think he’ll try something else?”


“No, no, milady…I think that what he’s experiencing is growth!”


“Growth…well, I think that you’re right, Ryle. But the fact that that spoiled young man would grow is a bit hard to imagine.”


Dida giggled out loud, seeming to confirm my thoughts.


“Not just him. Even Dida, you’ve gone through the kind of growth Ryle is talking about.”


“Of course. I was scolded thoroughly yesterday too.”


I didn’t ask who had scolded him. It was all too obvious.


But that was exactly why he currently wore such a relieved expression.


What kind of changes it could’ve caused in him were hard to imagine…but I would leave it at that.


I’d said what I wanted to say.


If Dawson were going to try anything else, I’d no longer be so lenient.


We’d already given the Kataberia family quite a lot of pressure.


I imagined all of them were panicking, although I couldn’t say for sure. It must’ve caused quite a lot of trouble in the house, especially with Dawson’s mother.


Master Dorena…the master of the Kataberia family seemed quite calm.


Was there something additional that I didn’t know going on?


Never mind. All that no longer mattered.


After all, he ended up having nothing to do with all this. Even if it made me unhappy.


But he had become completely different.


“Well then, let’s go.”


Hearing my orders, the two nodded.


“You two will have to help guard, then.”


I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the two of them.


Just like always, the two of them were standing by my side.






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