Chapter 150 Tea party


I left the room. After quite a walk I finally reached the salon and sat down.


Seamlessly, Tanya placed a cup of tea before me.


“Mm…this is delicious.”


“Thank you for your kind words. Please excuse me. If you need anything, please let the servant waiting on you know.”


“All right, thank you.”


Tanya walked out of the room, her footsteps completely silent. After that, I exhaled the breath stopped up in my throat and inhaled deeply.


When I breathed in, the scent of the vanilla tea entered my nostrils.


…Finally, I felt calm.


The moment I learned from Tanya that Van had gotten a death sentence, something dark and murky streaked through my chest.


All the same, my mind was astonishingly calm. It was really incredible.


But that was only a temporary feeling, coming from the feeling in this place that when I breathed in deeply I’d be able to calm my heart down.


I glanced toward the flora around me, allowing my tired eyes to relax.


I wasn’t aware of it when reading my files, but when I stared at the green like this I realized that my eyes were already quite exhausted.


I needed to take care of my vision…in this world, there were no such things as contact lenses.


Thinking these thoughts, I felt satisfaction blossom in my heart because of the view I was seeing.


Of course Duke Armenia’s family had its own gardener.


The beautiful view here was designed and maintained by them.


To be able to see such a beautiful sight so close by was something to be grateful for.


I sunk into thought.


A long time ago I had received a letter from Mimosa.


It seemed that she found a man willing to date with marriage in mind.


Because she was afraid of the situation all around, she hesitated in taking the step. Shall we say that love’s power is amazing or frightening?


I wrote a letter congratulating her and asking what kind of person her partner was, but I didn’t receive a response after that.


Because of all the busyness with the Boltiques, I didn’t remember to do anything else about it…perhaps it was worth writing another letter later.


I was thinking of this when Dida’s silhouette appeared in my field of vision.


“Ah, Dida.”


“Hey, Princess. Are you resting?”




“These files need to be handed to Sebastian. You can take a look first. It’s about the future operations of the national guard. I’m about to go out, but Ryle will be back, so let him know if there’s anything you need.”


“All right. Are you leaving right now?”


“No…not immediately.”


“If that’s the case, you should sit down and rest too. How about some tea?”


“Then I’ll help myself.”


Dida sat down with a smile.


I glanced to the servant girl beside me. Before I could say anything she put down a new cup and poured some tea.

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