Chapter 152 Tea party 3


“He isn’t actively trying to oppose you either.”


“That’s what I worry about, especially if he’s made up his mind. More importantly is what he’s thinking right now. He needs to question the poise that he desires so badly, with not only his own voice by also the voices of others. That’s what I do.”


Dida, who was questioning me right this moment, was a good example.


Back then I was questioned what kind of person exactly I desired to be…and what kind of territory I desired to lead.


Even if I had a general idea of what I should do, when I was asked at a specific moment I might end up losing sight of my goal, or reevaluating it entirely.


Humans are precisely the kind of weak animal who likes to take the easy path…of course, I’m no exception.


“So will he be able to see this resolve through to the end? Will he be able to stand up after failure and continue to move toward his goal? I think this is the most difficult, and the most important.”


“Of course, it’s quite difficult. I also sometimes get confused, or lose my way.”


Dida laughed.


“Ah…well, that topic can wait. I understand what you’re trying to say. Thank you, Dida.”


“Don’t thank me. Well then, it’s about time for me to go.”


“Yes. Sorry for stopping you.”


“Not at all. Then, please excuse me.”


Alone again, I sipped on my tea again.


I don’t know how much time passed, but the setting sun cast an orange glow over the greenery around me.


What a peaceful time. From the bottom of my heart I hoped that this time would last forever.


“I’m back, milady.”


Tanya appeared silently.


“Welcome back, Tanya.”


“I’ve arranged everything as you ordered. If anything else happens I’ll keep you updated.”


“All right. Thank you.”




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