Chapter 155 Work Part 3


“We should hurry and get the orders issued. Since the merchant representative in charge of the whole project is here anyway, we can confirm things right now. What’s the situation with supplementing the personnel?”


The topic was suddenly thrown to the man beside me. But he didn’t waver at all, and immediately began to speak.


“We’ve used grants to pay salaries and hire on workers. Even with that, however, we’ve reached our limit. If we wish to speed up the process, we’re going to have to hire more workers.”


“From a financial perspective, we can’t distribute any more of the budget to this project.”


“I see. It’s just that…perhaps because they aren’t used to the specifics of the job, there was an accident and some injuries. If their injuries are serious enough, they might not be able to work for a while. If I’m being honest, I really hope to replenish the amount of workers we have.”


“How are the injured doing?”


“They’re either resting at home or in the hospital.”


“What about the treatment fees?”


“They handle it themselves.”


Why ask such an obvious question? His expression seemed confused.


“Is that so…as for how we’re going to deal with this incident, we’ll think about it on our side too. Then let’s conclude this conference, thank you to everyone for attending.”


After the announcement that the meeting was over, everyone began drinking water to moisten their parched throats.


Once again it was a rambunctious discussion, of course everyone would be thirsty.


After finishing their drinks, they stood up and left one by one.




I asked the man following me. He looked at me with excitement in his eyes.


“I learned quite a bit today. Everyone’s enthusiasm is infecting me as well.”


“Is that so? That’s great.”


I responded, smiling at his genuine expression and words.


“I’m very thankful that you provided me with this valuable experience.”


After watching him depart, I glanced at the documents in my hands.


“…about the wounded individuals…”


“Is there anything wrong, milady?” Rehme asked.


“No. Just some things I need to think about.”


“If you have anything on your mind, please let me know. In terms of natural disasters, this year might be a good year to make even more preparations.”


“Has the territory begun to show signs of anything?”


“Not exactly. But the heat has been going on for months now…and heat like this is often followed in this country by continuous rain, especially in the west. It’s about a hundred years a cycle in terms of that. Usually it doesn’t cause much trouble, but I think it’s a good thing to pay attention to.”


“Thank you. On that topic: can you give me the relevant documents? I want to take a look.”


“Of course.”


“Thanks. I’ll be counting on you, Rehme.”






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