Chapter 159 Secret Meeting Part 2


I retrieved the grape wine in my cabinet.


It was a gift from my grandfather. In the past he would often visit me for a moment of relief from his work and hand me some wine. Since I didn’t drink very often, I ended up accumulating quite a lot.


Tanya turned me down. “I’ll drink it!” Dida shouted, jumping at me with the intense attitude of a knight. In the end he would always be dragged off by Ryle and Tanya together.


Only Merida and Moneda would drink with me.


Sitting on chairs on the balcony, we poured drinks for each other.


“Continuing the topic from just now…” Dean said, like he was choosing his words carefully as he spoke.


“Sometimes isn’t it better not to know something?”


“Are you speaking from experience?”


“Who knows. But humans aren’t strong enough to accept all the information at hand. Take the flood project for example. If you tell the people living on that land that there had been floods a hundred and a hundred fifty years ago there, would they be unsettled, even sink into a panic?”


“That’s true.”


His explanation made me smile an exasperated smile. It was true that this could realistically happen.


“Not knowing is better…is that so. But isn’t this something that you can only say after learning something? Manipulating the distribution of information as we continue to work on the project might be a strategy of sorts…but as we do this, we might generate suspicion. If that happened we’d have the whole situation by the wrong end. Although I can’t guarantee that being honest about everything will produce the best result…I do want to be honest to them.”


“…I see.”


“Plus, saying that it’s better to not know is a privilege reserved only for the person who knows everything.”


No one can understand anyone else’s thoughts completely.


There’s also no way to know how someone who knows these things will accept them, and think about them.


That’s why no one can really know if not knowing is really the better situation.


The only person who can know is the person involved in the situation.


Plenty of things we can’t know happen in places we can’t even imagine.


“Although I don’t know what you’re trying to hide, if you’re thinking from the perspective of the other person, then the best you can do is guesswork. Resentment after learning the truth or resentment from not knowing, that all depends on the specific incident itself. Or perhaps it depends on the relationship between you and the other person, and how well you know each other…isn’t that the case?”


“Why do you think that I’m hiding something?”


“Is that not the case? I always feel like when you speak about me and my people, your tone seems off. But I don’t know what kind of things you’re hiding, and I don’t know who you’re hiding them from.”


“Most people have secrets. Even you…”


“For example?”


“If I could say them out loud they wouldn’t be secrets anymore.”


“Hehehe…true. I’m disregarding all that, and continuing to have someone as suspicious as you work for me. So of course I’m no different. We’ve even talked about this before, haven’t we?”


My grandfather didn’t disappoint as a man who loved his wine. His choice of drink was delicious.


Speaking of which, in my previous life when I got off from work and went home, I often drank alone too.


“I have a few secrets that I can’t tell anyone either. No one can know. As long as you don’t hurt the people living on this land, then I don’t really care what your secrets are.”


“…Milady, you…”


After the surprised exclamation, he smiled a gentle smile.


Truthfully, I wanted to know what he was hiding from me.


But at the same time I was afraid.


There were many things worthy of doubt…under these circumstances, too.


At the same time, the time we had spent together made me want to trust him.


So it was all fine. Not knowing was better, even if I might regret it later.


As long as we were walking in the same direction together, as long as that wasn’t a lie–that was enough for me.



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