Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 163 – The Real One


“…I will leave for the Imperial City immediately.”


After watching the messenger leave, I said this to Sebastian.

Sebastian and Tanya gave me an anxious look.


I had keeled over once the messenger departed.

Now I am half lying on the sofa, hoping to let my body rest.


Could I still make a long journey under such conditions? I smiled after they asked.


“It doesn’t matter. If I take a break I’ll be fine… Anyway, it seems like our company will be difficult to deal with. I didn’t expect the messenger to be Master Majid himself.”




After hearing what I said, Sebastian and Tanya were petrified.

Naturally so. None of us were expecting to see a member of the royal family here.


“Are…are you sure about that?”


“Probably. He was wearing a ring with an eagle coat of arms.”




Sebastian turned the file in his hands over. When his eyes caught sight of the ring, he seemed to understand what I was talking about.


“In that country, every member of the royal family possesses a coat of arms and wears it regularly.”


“Do you know about the Prince’s coat of arms?”


“No. But the eagle is one of the most valued animals in that country. So it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to see it as a coat of arms for the Prince.”


I had read up on the information collected by the Armenia family from generation to generation, as well as reports of the Acacia Kingdom summed up from trade.


“Plus, didn’t he say as much? That the Prince came to propose marriage… Isn’t that supposed to happen today? He even came with such a formal document as a messenger.”


“Pardon me if this offends you, but Miss, are you going to accept the request?”


Tanya asked this with concern.

I could only respond with a weak smile.

Although I was mostly still shocked, my mind was already racing to imagine the benefits that I can get out of the marriage.


Although we were overseas neighbors, the Acacia Kingdom and the Tasmeria Kingdom are big countries of the same size.

If I could serve as a bridge for diplomatic relations, I guess the importance of my role will be maximized.


No doubt that there would be benefits for our country, our family and our territory.

Compared to the possibility of an impossible relationship that was frightening me so, perhaps this marriage full of purpose and allegiances is more suitable for me.


Maybe one day, I could even hope to smile while facing my old pains and say nothing more than, “this is what happened.”


“Who knows? If I don’t discuss this matter with Father, no decision will be made.”


It was clear that I had made a decision all for myself, but my heart keeps trying to deny that decision.


Just a little while more and all would be fine.

My heart tells me that I shouldn’t kill feelings that have started to grow.




“Lord Majid, so how was it?”


The gentle-looking old man asked his younger companion. The young man smiled.


It was an utterly different smile from the one that he showed at the Armenia household.

There was no hint of warmth, only a slight chilling hostility.


“Our purpose has been achieved.”


He said, sitting on a luxurious sofa.

This sofa looked shorter than the one at the Duke of Armenia, yet was far more comfortable. The young man’s body almost sank completely into it.


“Then everything is going perfectly well…I am always worrying about your safety, to the extent that I feel my own life shortened. Even if you’re fooling around, you should know your limit.”


“Without you here…this all would be quite upsetting to deal with.”


The young man…Majid, laughed aloud.


“Anyway, you came back really early. Sure enough, they didn’t notice the identity of Master Majid?”


“No, the little girl noticed me, even when I declared myself as Hafis. I’m sure that she knows that I’m the Prince.”


“What?! She noticed, and she let you come back?”


“It seems that her father is ill. But she said she would welcome me more formally next time. I think what she meant was since I didn’t tell her my real name, she would just let things be. It’s quite funny…”


Majid laughed.


“This is a girl with guts.”


Majid picked up a fruit from the plate next to him.

He was on board. The ship has left the port, and the sea breeze wafted through the window, gently stroking his skin.


“It’s funny. Father, I think I want that girl now.”


Majid said happily, licking the juices of the fruit on his hand.


“Then did you hand her the document?”


“Well, I still need to decide whether I want to marry her as the Queen consort or as a concubine. In any case, I must say that the girl is good at ruling. She’s quite adept at making use of her power compared to regular nobles.”


“Are you serious about this?”


“Only because of the benefits I’ll gain from it. It confuses me, how intensely Father wishes for these things. At that age, you should open up and listen to more than your own desires.”


Majid didn’t look confused at all. On the contrary, it was apparent that he was enjoying himself.


“I’ve heard that in this territory, there are strong leaders. We are facing challenges both from inside and outside. What more can we do?”


“For me, this is a good deal. I am going to work hard on it.”


“Hey, even if you get things wrong, don’t end up working for our enemy.”


“I will identify well who I shall work hard for. Master Majid, no matter who wins, it doesn’t make a huge difference for you right?”


Majid did not answer. He only smiled more brightly than before.

The boat sailed in the wind and continued to move forward.


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