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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 166 – Incidents


After seeing the Queen Dowager, I quickly left the palace.


On my way, when walking toward where the carriage was parked, I suddenly saw a garden.


How beautiful, I thought to myself.


I usually needed to assist my father’s work, and I was swamped, but I often took time to rest in the courtyard.


My sister encouraged me to rest in natural environments.

She told me that green had a calming effect, and your eyes could rest better while gazing into the distance.


Although I didn’t know whether this was true, my sister seemed to be serious about it. She herself spent a lot of time resting like that.


Looking at the beautiful, neat courtyard, I suddenly saw a woman sitting in the distance.


“…um, do you feel unwell?”


She was sitting on the ground, motionless, I was worried that she was unwell and leaned forward to speak up.


“Oh! I am sorry…”


She probably didn’t notice me approaching… She was so taken aback when I spoke that she made a high-pitched noise. I reacted with shock.


With her movements, her beautiful blonde hair swayed.


“I was thinking about something…”


Somewhat scared, she lowered her eyes.


“I’m the one who should be sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you when you were thinking. I thought you must be unwell…”


“No… I am sorry, for creating a misunderstanding like this….I heard from others that when you feel confused, gazing into the courtyard might help clear one’s mind. That’s why…”


“I see…”


The way she talked reminded me of my sister, and I couldn’t help laughing.


As opposed to me, the woman seemed uneasy.

Did she feel that what she’d done was inappropriate, or that I was laughing at her?

“Sorry, that was rude. My sister also said the same thing. When I thought of her, I couldn’t help laughing… she told me that you could only look at things at a new perspective once you stay calm. She also suggested me to take a break in the courtyard whenever I was free.”


“I see! When you’re confused, your brain enters a repetitive, entrapped state and continuously dwells on the same thoughts. You’ll also be led astray by tangents quite often. But, once you calm down and re-think, you’d find out that all is quite simple.”


She suddenly became very talkative, surprising me. I couldn’t help but recoil. “Ah…” she smiled, with a hint of embarrassment.


“Yeah. Sometimes it’s better to take a break, since you end up becoming more efficient. I have had this feeling before.”


“That’s right. Oh, by the way, my name is Letty. Excuse me, what’s yours?”


“My name is Bern. It’s nice to meet you.”


“Me too.”


Letty smiled gently while she spoke.


“Do you talk to your sister often?”


“Why did you ask?”


“It’s simply out of curiosity. I have a brother, and I’ve always wondered…how is the relationship among siblings in other families?”


“We probably can’t be your reference. Since I entered college not long ago, I haven’t talked to my sister very much… As a result, I brought my sister irreconcilable wounds.”


“Do you regret this?”


“It’s not so easy for me to talk about regret. No matter how much I regret things, there’s nothing I can do to turn things back. I can only repent…and tell myself not to make the same mistake. I’ve also made up my mind to grow continuously. Maybe I will be able to help my sister if she needs it someday.”


My sister is amazing. I am quite worried about whether I can grow to be able to actually help her… I said this, with a smile.




“I’ve just been pouring out my heart. What about you, Letty? How’s your relationship with your brother?”


“We have a perfect relationship. It’s only that…yes, like you, I am not sure.”


“What do you mean?”


“I’ve always been the one being protected, and I don’t feel good about it. I wanted to help my brother, but he always resisted and thought he could do everything on his own.”


“I see…”


“If only I were a boy…then we could fight together.”


With that being said, Letty lowered her head.

She held herself tightly, almost as if confirming her own existence.

From her expressions, her words filled with emotion…I couldn’t help but be sad for her too.

“…I have doubted if women can really work like men. No, it’s not even a real doubt. The place that I work has only men.”


Suddenly, a wind blew through.

The flowers in the courtyard were dancing in the air.

I wasn’t sure if the wind caught her attention, or she was reacting to what I said, but she raised her head.


Her shiny, blonde hair was swaying in the wind.


“But, after I saw my sister, I came up with new ideas. Aren’t energy and capacity the most important in a job? Gender is a trivial issue. Because my sister is female, she can contribute new ideas and look at things at a different angle. Half of our country is made up of women, so isn’t it those who wouldn’t listen to women who are problematic? In my opinion, gender doesn’t matter. What means the most is your determination, will, and your capacity. If you want to be as strong as your brother, then try your best to find your own way.”


She opened her eyes wide…and then laughed.

She seemed happy. As if she’d hear something exciting.


“You’re right…I am a woman who solely relies on herself to climb higher. Now, why would I feel discouraged?”


She seems to have said something more, but unfortunately, I did not hear it.

After I asked, she just showed a refreshing smile.


“I heard quite a deep insight today. If we still have a chance, I would like to see you again.”


“It’s great that you think like that.”


“If you plan to revisit the Palace, please notify me. I work here. If you tell people you’re looking for Letty, I will be able to get the notification quickly.”




After hearing my affirmative answer, she left.


Looking at the back of her departure, I also set foot on the way back to the duke’s home.


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