Chapter 174 Rumors


“You seem to be very busy these days.”


Hearing Ludius’s words, I smiled bitterly.


“Well, I suppose so. If I were to say exactly what I did…”


“And I guess that Bern is learning as well.”


“Ah…I guess.”


I tilted my head to the side in response to Bern’s odd, vague response.




“About what women say, and the intentions and ideas behind it. Miss Iris and Yuri’s exchange is quite characteristic of both of you.”


“Ah…speaking of which, what do you think about it all, Ludius?”


“Yuri means to say that ‘Stop dragging your brother around, if you keep working you won’t find a man.’ And what you said is ‘I can’t believe you have the guts to say that after stealing someone else’s man. You’re acting like a royal without actually being one, what a frightful woman’…something like that.”


“Heh heh…I thought so too.”


Yuri’s words did seem to mean what Ludius thought they did. It was also true to say that I had responded to her.


Even talking about each other’s gowns brought up a great deal of hidden venom.


“You don’t come to these events much, but you don’t have the air of a newcomer at all. I can only watch and stare.”


“…Is that supposed to be a compliment?”


“Of course, of course.”


“Oh. Ludy, you…”


The three of us laughed out loud as we talked.


It was like going back in time, to when we were young. I felt quite nostalgic for a moment.


“…But it’s true that we haven’t seen you in a long time. Unless you’ve been attending so many of these events that even your superiors are punishing you for it?”


“No…no matter what, that would never happen. My superiors are working on some complicated situations. After all, I do have my grandfather’s family name. If something happens to me, then it’ll blow up into something big. That’s why there are guards waiting for me outside. Even so, I’m continuing my work in the capital.”


“Ah…I see. You can’t skimp at all on work here. It’s quite difficult.”


“It’s the same for Bern, though.”


Bern made an exasperated face.


“I heard that you’ve been working quite hard. Uncle Louis has been dealing with several irritating incidents stemming from recent events. I heard that Bern has been doing quite well for himself in that situation.”


“I’m still far from well-practiced. I still need my father’s permission before I can do anything.”


“Of course. Uncle Louis is the one calling the final shots, after all. Even so, Bern is doing quite well. Perhaps I should say that it’s no wonder you’re in the Armenia family.”


Honestly, I was quite surprised to hear Bern and Ludy talk like that.


Although I knew that Bern was training alongside my father, I didn’t realize how well he was doing.


Also, Ludy and Bern seemed just as close as ever.


Duke Armenia’s family and Marquis Anderson’s family were very close. One of the reasons was because during social seasons such as these the cousins saw each other frequently. The other was because of the cousins’ similar age.


Even now, they joked and laughed with each other.


After growing up, everyone had become so busy that it was difficult to see each other. That’s why this kind of situation was quite nostalgic for all of us. I gazed upon them steadily.


“I’m going to have to excuse myself for the moment.”


“Big Sis, where are you going? I’ll go with you.”


“Are you going to come with me when I’m changing clothes?…Don’t worry about it. I’ll be back soon.”


I walked from the balcony back indoors, then headed toward the resting rooms.


At dances like these, resting rooms for men and women were specially prepared.


They were places for small rests, and also for organizing and adjusting one’s own outfit.


The two of them seemed worried about me. I didn’t have plans to cause any sort of trouble. All I wanted was to make sure I still looked seemly, and then come back.


Because the town was organizing a dance, it was quite silent after I departed from the main hall.


I thought that there should be quite a few other women going to the resting room, but I didn’t bump into anyone like that.


That was when, suddenly, whispers issued into my ears.


At gatherings full of nobles like these, one step away from the main area there would be people gossiping eagerly. It wasn’t anything to be surprised at.


I wanted to hurry past the room where the voices were coming from, but the topic they were discussing made me stop cold in my steps.

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