Chapter 183 Confirmation


Every second felt like a waste.


Even the sound of the clock, ticking off time, made me bitter.


Faster, faster.


I’ve never felt so sincerely that writing was so time-consuming.




Even if I stayed up all night writing, I needed to finish this. I closed my eyes to rest a moment, but my mind was still racing.


I needed to let the police know that they had to strengthen security around town…when I was puzzling over the future, Ryle walked in.


“Ryle! Good timing. I was planning on calling you or Dida in here.”


“I just bumped into Tanya. She told me to come here.”


I couldn’t help but feel my heart warm with admiration. Tanya always knew what I needed.


“…Well, then. What’s going on?”


I told Ryle about everything that had happened, in addition to my thoughts on future security


Ryle’s expression was unchanging as he listened to me speak.


“Now that we’re at this stage, just like you said, we need to increase security around the bank. In addition to that, it’s best that we increase security when it comes to accepting and transporting golden coins as well. I’ll give the orders immediately.”


“Yes…when everything goes through, let me know, and tell the officials as well.”


“Yes, milady.”


“…That reminds me, Ryle. The captain of the knights’ order issued me an official apology.”


“I see. I’m sorry to cause you concern over something like that.”


Ryle made an exasperated face as he said this.


Not many people would refuse a tempting offer from the captain of the knights’ order just like that.


That’s how highly the occupation of a knight was thought of here.


…And that’s also why people like Dawson existed.


All that aside, this captain’s attempt at temptation was too overblown.


Ryle and Dida’s loyalty belonged to Duke Armenia’s family.


This was publicly known information. The captain of the knights’ order didn’t even bother to limit his pursuits to just the people he was after, but even involved Duke Anderson…from the perspective of other families, it just looked like he was trying to pick at Duke Armenia’s family.


In other words, we could not back down from conflict in this situation.


“Don’t worry about it…But I want to ask you. Is this really okay? If you wanted to leave, I would respect your wishes as well.”


“What are you saying, milady? My greatest wish is to keep serving you like this.”


“I’m happy that you would say that, but you originally…”


“My name is Ryle. That’s all. Ryle has…never wanted to leave you, milady. Or are you saying that…you don’t need me?”


“Not at all!”


During the whole incident with the Boltique family, I had also told Dida how much I care about everyone.


It was only with everyone’s support that I could make it to today. That was an undeniable truth. Most importantly…we had been together since we were all young.


“How could all of you not matter to me? To me, you’re like my family…no, you’re even more than family.”


I could not imagine them ever betraying me. Not in the slightest.


The time I had spent with them, the ideas that I had shared with them…that was what made me so firm in my beliefs.


“That’s why I hope that you can continue along the pathway that you want most for yourself.”


“‘My oath will remain within my heart eternally.’ That’s not just an oath I swore offhandedly.”


I tilted my head to the side in response to what Ryle said.


“When I was young…not long after you picked me up, I made this oath to myself. To me, you were that pathmarker that I should stride for. For someone like me who lived upon only desire up until that point, you were the first person to make me want to devote myself to something outside of myself. I wanted to protect you. To obtain this goal, I needed to become stronger. So I made my oath.”




“There’s nothing more that I could ask for.”


“Is that so…All right. As long as you know what you want, I’m happy too.”


I released a breath of relief and laughed.


“I’m glad. I was just thinking that if you had really announced your intentions to join the knighthood, I wouldn’t know what to do!”


Ryle laughed.


“Then why ask me?”


“Because I think it’s good not to be clear on what you want. Just like when Dida asked about my personal determination.”


“I see.” Ryle nodded his head with a look of admiration.


“Most importantly, I don’t want to limit any of you. Even though I know you want to repay me for everything that happened in the past, that also means that I’m reducing your options. So I’ve said the same thing to Tanya as well.”


“Aside from you, no one else would ask a question like that. Even if I had nine lives it wouldn’t be enough to repay you.”




I couldn’t help but laugh.


“Well then, Ryle. I’m excited to see your future achievements.”


“Of course.”


After he departed, my line of vision returned to my documents once again.


After writing down my instructions to the financial department, I drafted the information for the civil procedures department. After that, it was my instructions for everyone, written to Sebastian…


The report that Ryle had helped me with had been delivered to Sebastian already. I needed his help in editing it.


The face that everyone at the financial department would make when they saw the document appeared in my head.


After all this was over, I’d grant them a special vacation…


It felt like within this period at least, I needed to work just as hard as everyone there…no, even harder, even if it meant that I couldn’t sleep or rest for the sake of work.


These were the thoughts that floated through my head as I continued to write.



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