Chapter 187 Realization


“I’m glad that we were able to exchange our currency out for paper bills without any major incidents happening.”


“Yes, thanks to Moneda’s preparation. We were saved by his boldness.”


“Heh heh…I not only don’t blame him for being incredibly decisive, but am actually quite thankful for it.”


To spread the word, he had already ordered the production of quite a staggering amount of currency before I could even instruct him to.


This was before he even knew whether or not I would forgive him for acting behind my back.


“Well, I think it’s a good quality. That’s why he’s a great fit for his position.”


He was someone who could think for himself, and then act for himself as well.


Although Tanya and the others were independent as well, Monda was fundamentally different from them.


They tried to help me, following me in my pursuits, while Moneda had his own fundamental beliefs and acted to ensure that his ideals took form.


So even if his specific opinions differed from mine, I would not get irritated at him.


There was no one better than him to establish banks as independent entities.


“Although it caused some chaos in the territory, the merchants’ guild has hurried to reject golden coins and started to accept bills exclusively. It’s quite an accomplishment.”


“It is. Thank you for your report. Can you summon the heads of the financial department and civil procedures department? I have something I need to discuss with them, so call them to the conference room.”




Time passed like a crashing wave.


Nothing chaotic occurred in the capital, even with the death of the king.


That was really no surprise. I couldn’t help but smile at my own idiotic thoughts.


The king had been a recluse for such a long time…for the people working beneath him, it didn’t make much of a difference to their work even after he passed away.


But Queen Ellia and Marquis Maelia’s power became more potent by the day. It was almost difficult to stand.


All the people who had been in charge of important duties within Prince Alfred’s party had already given up their duties and returned home.


Of course, this also included my father and Earl Sagittaria.


One of the major reasons for my father was of course his physical condition.


Before he started complaining, how bad had it really gotten…?


As if they had been waiting for forever, people who were on good terms with Marquis Maelia took over all the responsibilities.


This nation kept decaying…like a setting sun.


Prince Edward had already made his preparations to become the next king.


These were the thoughts in my head as I gazed at the documents before me.


Thankfully enough, nothing had happened yet that would impact this territory.


Inevitably, that day would arrive.


What I was reading was a report on foundational construction.


Stopping the negative thoughts in my mind, I focused on the document before me once again.


It was easy to grow fond of the imaginary ideas that I was building in my mind.


Although I did cool down from that enthusiasm, I still wanted to watch the construction as it was proceeding…that was what was on my mind.


“It’s been several months of heat now. After that, it usually tends to rain hard for a long time, especially in the west. This is a cycle that occurs each hundred years. It generally doesn’t affect this territory very much, so we don’t pay special attention to it, but it’s something that we should keep in mind regardless.”


I suddenly remembered something Rehme had told me.


…Why would I forget that?




In a voice too loud to befit a lady, I called out.




I couldn’t even tell whether she had walked into the room first or I had raised my voice first.


“What’s wrong, Tanya?”


“A flood. Waters rising in the western rivers have brought a disaster upon that area, including Earl Monroe’s territories.”


A step too slow…I clenched my fist.


How stupid, idiotic…Rehme had told me all the information beforehand, yet somehow I had neglected it.


This was why this had happened.


Starting from Earl Monroe’s territory, the west was filled with grain crops.


Although many of the crops had not been harvested, they were in fact already ripe.


While fewer crops were available on the market at the moment, most territories still hadn’t thought of putting anything into storage.


Of course, this was after all of them had sold everything they had in storage to Divan.


“Tanya! Go and confirm our storage immediately. Then collect rough numbers on population in the area. After that, pay a visit to the merchants’ guild leader! Please help me get in contact. Send Sei to ensure that all the Azura Conglomerate workers in the area are fine. If you need additional personnel, just draw from the personal guard of Duke Armenia’s family.”




First, I needed to control the exportation of Duke Armenia’s family.


That was what I needed to discuss with the leader of the merchants’ guild.


Then I would need to see how badly the Azura Conglomerate had been affected.


All the things I needed to do appeared in my head, one after another.


…It really was quite the headache.



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