Chapter 189 Bern’s travels


“Sir, we should take a rest now.”


“…I really want to reach our destination sooner than later.”


This is how I responded to my guard Von after pulling up the reins.


“If we try to make too much haste things might not turn out right. Although we’re not tired yet, exhaustion accumulates quite easily over time. In a long journey like this it’s better to rest frequently.”


“I see. Then let’s rest at the next town.”


Right now I was traveling to Earl Monroe’s from the capital.


When my father gave up his duties, my work ended as well. All my busyness disappeared like it was nothing but a dream. I hadn’t had this much free time in ages.


In the palace, Queen Ellia and Marquis Maelia were guiding the situation.


The queen dowager had been declared indecisive and ineffective in her policies that tried to address the lack of food. After the baseless accusation was raised again and again, she was forced into inactivity once more.

We couldn’t very well deal with ancient traditions…to overcome a difficult situation like this, we needed a new king who would led the country decisively…that’s what they proposed.


Of course, the reasons and excuses didn’t matter.


They just felt like they needed a rationale to back up their actions.


In the capital, security grew worse by the day. Grain was something that humans needed to survive.


That was how it should be, anyway. Right now there was none left.


Although the haves had it, the have-nots had to scurry about buying food.


It’s because everyone had already felt the undercurrent of uneasiness…


The spread of rumors like how golden coins were contaminated, impure. As if they were the truth.


Of course, this led to panic.


Prices shot up to ridiculous levels. The streets filled with people who were worried about their livelihood.


The royal family tried to counter this with policy. But after a while, even their storage was beginning to run out.


…And that’s how the capital quickly ran aground.


Confronting reality, some sighed and cried, some rose in anger…


The sadness and the anger swirled together like a giant whirlpool, surrounding the capital.


Arguments, big and small, turned into fights. More and more tears were shed. Everyone was fighting for themselves.


At the same time, the people’s rage was building toward the nobles, who lived the same luxurious lives as always.


Right now I was heading to Earl Monroe’s territory on my father’s orders.


It had been the first thing out of his mouth after he had recovered sufficiently enough to get out of bed.


…If you have the time, go and visit Earl Monroe on the border.


Before long, the Towair Kingdom might attack. It’s best if you review the current circumstances at the border and report them.


He also said that I should see how the nobles there carried themselves before coming back.


I could only tilt my head in confusion at that final line, but for now I was following his orders and visiting Earl Monroe.


After entering the town and letting our houses settle down, we entered a store by the side of the road.


We sat in seats on an open balcony.


None of the merchandise looked good to me. Because I was so intent on continuing on my way, even the glass of water I sipped from didn’t seem very satisfying.


As Von had said, my body had become tired without me realizing it.


When I walked on the streets I had been listening to what the people said. No matter who they were, all of their words were filled with anxiety and dissatisfaction.


“Duke Armenia’s territory seems to be faring well in these circumstances.”


“That can’t be true. It’s impossible that they’re still doing well now.”


“It’s true. I heard that everyone who heard the rumors has been lining up, hoping to immigrate there.”


“Even so, it’s a long travel to there. Our youngest child was born only two years ago…”


I had heard dialogues like this countless times since coming here.


News about Duke Armenia’s territory was spreading around, even in such a distant land.


Although this made me respect my sister’s methods even more, I also began to become more and more worried.


What would Queen Ellia propose when she heard this rumor?


Each time I thought about it, I was angered at my own uselessness. Again and again.


After we rested, we led our horses out  again. Once again we set out, heading toward Earl Monroe’s residence.


Starting from there, we chose the shortest route so we could arrive as early as possible.



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