Chapter 205 Gratitude


The conference that would influence the fate of the nation had already passed.


…I say that, but it had only been a few weeks.


But in those few weeks, the palace…and the capital, underwent a transformation.


Dean distributed the material sources he obtained from diplomatic trade as well as from the nobles according to need. Although it hadn’t quite returned to its former state, the streets were bustling with activity compared to just a little while ago.


The resources that had been gathered when Prince Edward and his party gained the upper hand in the palace were hidden perfectly in the homes of those who belonged to the second prince’s party.


It was just as Moneda had reported.


That was also forcibly taken in and distributed.


False currency also disappeared completely from the market.


Merchants began to become active once more.


Of course, there was a great disturbance within the palace.


All the people on Bern’s list were under house arrest before they received an official sentencing.


After the official ruling came down, it was only a matter of slightly more or slightly less severity in their sentences.


Speaking of something that had already been decided, Queen Ellia and Marquis Maelia’s families were of course going to be executed by beheading.


Earl Monroe was going to suffer the same fate.


Aside from claiming their titles, their land would also be taken away so no one in their families could inherit them.


Scheming for the throne and treason were great crimes.


All the people directly related to those on the list would be either executed or sent to the church to be under house arrest for life.


I suppose our nation’s way of doing politics wasn’t as messy as I had assumed.


Even those from the first prince’s party who hadn’t been in important positions before still excelled in some form in their respective fields. They worked under the first prince’s employ gainfully.


The same day, I went to Marquis Anderson’s home.


Their home was in a mansion in the capital, quite close to Duke Armenia’s.


Sitting in the carriage and watching the scenery for a little bit, we reached our destination very quickly.


I was greeted by not just my uncle, but also my aunt and grandfather.


“…I’m thankful that everyone took the time to meet me today among all your busyness.”


“None of this with family. Please, come in and sit down.”


My uncle said this gently as I lowered my head in respect.


I obeyed his orders happily.


“Seems like this time I’ve caused plenty of trouble for Uncle and Grandfather. On behalf of myself…and the current leader of Duke Armenia’s household, I wanted to express my gratitude. Thank you so much!”


“It’s nothing. If my names and titles can help you, I’m more than happy!”


My grandfather laughed heartily as usual.


“Not a bad idea, one with decent odds at success. Plus, it was your own idea to disrupt the current situation. No need for the politeness.”


Smiling gently, my uncle looked quite a lot like Ludy.


“Really…you should’ve just come out and said it. You know how he worries about you and Merry, as the head of the family…Even so, he can’t just come out and move freely because of his role as territory leader, so you’ve arrived here at just the right moment.”


“…Even if someone wanted to kill Merry, they wouldn’t be able to. I’m not worried at all.”


“So you say!”


Talking with everyone relaxed me. I laughed along as well.


“Now isn’t really the time for us to put down all our defenses. Prince Alfred…how will he plan on ruling this country?”


“It should be fine. He’s someone that Ludy approves of. Plus, I’ve trained him as well, and I can speak for his personality and resilience.”


“…You’re right. He has the ability to turn dreams into reality. Plus, his sister is quite outstanding as well. As siblings…and as royals, I’m sure they will stick to their own ideals.”


“…Have you met Lady Leticia before?”


My uncle asked, shocked.


Damn it…it was already too late for me to regret what I had said with the flow of the conversation.


“Uh, hm. My mother introduced me. She’s an adorable, outstanding person.”


Did he accept my response…or just gave up on it? Either way, he stopped questioning me.


“…Oh, Iris. There was something I heard about that I wanted to get your thoughts on.”


“What is it?”


I was mentally prepared for whatever it could be, seeing how oddly hesitant my grandfather was.


“I heard that the Prince of Acacia proposed to you.”


I froze on the spot in response to my grandfather’s words.


“…Are you going to accept?”


Of course, I wasn’t able to respond to that question.


“Father, this is something Iris is worrying about on her own behalf. It’s not something that we should get involved in.”


“I’m sorry. It’s because I’m so worried. I hope that you can consider your own future as a top priority. Everything I’ve said in the past was not a joke.”


“You don’t have to get married. You can stay here and do what you like. If there’s no place for you to go, then just come to me.”


Recalling what he had said to me, I finally smiled.


“I’m sorry to make you worry. Thank you so much. I will talk to my father before deciding what to do.”


…Even so, I started to feel an ache in my heart.


My mind had been made up already.


It’s just that my heart hadn’t come to the same conclusion quite yet.


I can remember right now. What Dean looked like in that conference room.


Wanting to see. Not wanting to see.


The only person who could sway my rationality.


…If I didn’t act soon, I would no longer be able to act because of sentimentality.


Although I smiled at them, my heart was filled with determination.




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