Chapter 207 Second Meeting Part 2


“May I…?”


“Please, Marquis Langley.”


Speaking of Marquis Langley, Mimosa’s engagement was most likely going to be dissolved.


…No matter what, he was one of the names on Bern’s list.


Just in case he might escape unscathed, I gave Bern the list that Moneda and Tanya had investigated for me, so there should be no doubt there.


This time, I had no plans on writing a congratulations letter to Mimosa.


…It wasn’t quite right to congratulate someone whose engagement had been cancelled.


Then it was a matter of how the person in love with Mimosa would act…even though it was on my mind, I couldn’t do much to help.


All I could wish for was Mimosa’s happiness.


Although we were born as nobles, I didn’t wish her a noble’s happiness.


From the bottom of my heart, I wanted her to be happy.


“I understand how we should proceed in the future. What I wanted to ask was about Prince Alfred’s coronation.”


“I’ll answer questions on that topic.”


Waving for Bern to stand down, Prince Alfred opened his mouth.


“As everyone knows, this incident has caused a great deal of trauma. I wish for everyone here to prioritize reorganizing everything. The coronation will proceed after a year.”


“…Prince Alfred is quite correct. But at the same time…unfortunately, the oppositional forces still haven’t died down. Prince Edward, who serves as their representative, still remains alive. I believe Prince Alfred should speed up the coronation process, and display that your status is indomitable.”


“Marquis Langley’s words are quite wise. Well, let’s adjust our preparations to carry out the coronation as quickly as possible.”


In response, Marquis Langley lowered his head, sitting back into his seat.


The meeting ended once again.


…After this, I could leave for my territory, or stay in the capital.


Of course I wanted to return to my territory…what should I do?


While I was thinking, a servant in the palace stopped me.


“Miss Armenia, Lady Iris. There’s a summons from his majesty.”


When I heard those words, I froze in place.


I courteously accepted the letter passed to me. It was indeed Dean’s handwriting and signature.


I didn’t expect to be summoned at this time…


“Understood. Thank you.”


Although the letter was no doubt real, it was always good to be careful. I brought Tanya along with me to lead the way.


We arrived in the courtyard nestled in the middle of the palace.


Dean was already there.


I was invited to sit down opposite him.



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