Chapter 213 Mockery


This was the jail used specifically for nobles who had been arrested.


Right now, Yuri was being held there.


All she did was stare out at everything outside of the window bars with blank eyes.


Every once in a while, she also mumbled something to herself.


“…What’s wrong, seems like the atmosphere in the city isn’t quite right. You over there, go and take a look for me.”


Even though she gave these orders, there was no one in the direction she was issuing them.


Other than to deliver her daily meals and clothes to change and wash, there was no one else in the room during the day.


Such an empty room was, to her who once treated the kingdom’s wealthes as dirt, an incredibly cold, sad jail room.


Yet even today, all that filled her eyes was the image of her own past, those unchanging golden days.


“Ah, right! It must be that the plan has started.”


Although no one responded to her statements, she didn’t feel that speaking out loud was odd at all.


In her mind, she must be ordering a nonexistent maid girl around. According to her orders, this imaginary maid must have left the room already. These images danced through her head.


“Divan, you’ve come for me…This is the way it should be. I wouldn’t be abandoned so easily. It’s all the first prince’s fault, for spouting off such nonsense…”


Saying this, she smiled as if reassuring herself.


“You’re just like a puppet. One that Divan built completely for his own purposes.”


That man… the first prince. Those were the cruel, condescending words he had left her with.


“Abandoned by your puppeteer like something useless. Such a poor, pitiful puppet. Divan has already fled from the capital along with all his companions.”


Those were the words that made her lose control during such an important conference.


Divan had fled from the capital…? Leaving her behind?


None of that mattered anymore.


As for why…


“This country is going to perish soon anyways. So there’s no need for me to be stubborn about being the queen of this nation…I’m such a little idiot.”


She began to giggle out loud.


“So come and get me, Divan.”


But her murmurs went unnoticed by everyone.

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