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Chapter 231 Eruption


I recalled the voices of the people who abandoned their own homes and requested asylum here for the sake of survival.


Their cries still ring through my head clearly today.


Because of that, it seemed like I was also hearing the voices of my people in the east, begging for help.


Don’t back down, I warned myself.


Even now there were people who needed help.


If I stuffed my ears not to listen to the voices of the people and stopped thinking, then my citizens would be sacrificed for my willful ignorance.


“Ryle, send as many personnel as possible from the northern and southern police stations! Give Dida full directing power over the mission to destroy the rioters. Tanya, pass this information onto him as soon as possible.”


The two of them didn’t speak, instead just nodding.


Seeing them like this, I took a deep breath and adjusted my breathing.


“A leader’s most important responsibility is protecting the safety of their people. When the people are in danger, we need to use every tool at our disposal to guard the people as best we can.”


Weaving my words together, it was like I was trying to convince my own trembling body.


The three of them had started moving, but stopped when they heard me speak.


“Anyone interfering with that end will be eliminated, and I’ll allow any methods for that purpose, and I take full responsibility for doing so. My body is so fragile that I can’t meet you at the frontlines…but know that my heart is with you all. At the same time, I will take up my responsibility as a leader and become the ruler that everyone needs.”


The three of them stood up straight.


“Understood, milady!”


Stating those words in tandem, the three of them immediately got to work.


“Sebastian, summon representatives from each department so we can form a policy group. Please bring all information on this incident directly to me.”




Sebastian began to move quickly after that.


It only took a hot moment for him to organize the personnel needed for handling this incident. The group gathered together before me.


“Milady, we’ve already issued the order to the police stations throughout the territory. They’ll be moving east starting now.”


“All right. Let’s move forward like this. Remember to work with Tanya’s subordinates and the information they give you.”




“Sebastian, go and confirm that the healthcare union is ready to send out their doctors, and issue a request for help to the merchants’ guild as well. Tell them that if they don’t want an important port region to fall to chaos, they need to help us.”


“Yes, milady.”


“After that, how has the assistance effort gone?”


“They’ve started to move already and are ready to depart any moment. We’ve managed to keep things pared down and simple, so they can move at a moment’s notice.”


“Good news. Ryle will be the one in charge of overall supply organization. If we manage to meet up earlier on with the police teams, we’ll have a guard for the movement of supplies as well.”




In a corner of the mansion, a few people were scurrying around busily.


“I-it’s a disaster!” An official shouted as he ran in.


What could it be this time…everyone was shocked, but also urged him to speak.


“There was a mysterious boat forcing entry into the eastern port…and an armed group landed and is now occupying the port.”


“What the hell is going on?”


The chaotic noise of the room immediately returned to silence.


My voice was so low I could barely recognize it, but it echoed sharply through the whole room.


“It’s only a matter of time before the eastern cities are taken over…”


This line was enough to turn everyone present pale in the face.


“They’re probably a part of the same group. Picking a time when the entire region is engulfed in chaos to attack…After all, it’s now a location for them to issue commands. Every method of protecting that area has stopped functioning.”


I nodded at Ryle’s words.


“Just in case, Tanya, send someone to investigate the armed group’s specifics and report back to us.”


“Yes, milady.”


Ryle’s clear display of competence has been enough to make me sigh a breath of relief.


Normally, we’d be able to react immediately when we found a suspicious boat.


But the government office which would normally head these investigations and the police guard that was supposed to protect the people were both disabled.


And that’s why something so outrageous was allowed to happen.


“Perhaps the Towair Kingdom and the Acacia Kingdom are collaborating behind the scenes.”


My guess was enough to make everyone even paler, me included.


We had no way of predicting that the Acacia Kingdom would attack our territory.


Although we didn’t have concrete proof yet, if my guess was correct we would be facing the worst situation possible.


The Acacia Kingdom, after all, was a large country.


There was a great possibility that the boat occupying the port was just a precursor of a larger fleet.


“W-what should we do, milady?”


Everyone there was staring at me.


Although I already had the resolve to do what had to be done…my heart was so heavy.


To make decisions that determined life or death weighed me down more than I imagined.


But I immediately threw my sentimentality to the wind and started to focus my mind and think.


To be honest, I really needed time to think.


But of course I couldn’t say something so sluggish when the eastern region was facing a huge crisis


Even if we determine who was behind the whole thing, or sent people to the Acacia Kingdom to investigate and report back, it would be too late by the time we found out the truth. I planned on investigating, but it wasn’t our top priority right now.






“Please bring a team of your own to meet up with Dida.”




An uncommon look of confusion came over Ryle’s face.


“Any firepower we have right now is precious. If it’s a team you’re leading, I’m sure you’ll be able to bring out their fullest potential.”


“But who will protect you?”


“As long as I don’t go running out there should be enough security. Even in the worst case scenario, I still have Tanya.”


Hearing Tanya’s name seemed to put Ryle more at ease with the proposal.


But there was still a lost look in his eyes.


“Ryle, don’t you remember what you said to me? That you would protect my dreams.”


He raised his head quickly.


“I’m so sorry, I almost betrayed my promise from that day. Tanya, I’ll hand everything off to you, then.”


Tanya nodded seriously.


“We have no time to waste. I’ll be leaving immediately, so excuse me. Do you have any further instructions?”


“No. I’m handing over full control over the situation to you, and I’ll take the responsibility for whatever comes of it. Forge ahead and don’t worry too much.”

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