235 Younger sister


“Is this really for the best?”


I asked Lady Letticia this question after the king had departed the room.


“What are you referring to?”


“The fact that I was here to hear this. No matter how you think about it, it seems out of place.”


Letticia smiled with exasperation.


“It’s true. But I’m still curious to hear from you. Since I met you that day in the palace, I’ve been interested in how you think.”


I couldn’t help but bow down internally to her response.


Seeing my conflicted face, Lady Letticia let out a light giggle, as if she couldn’t hold in her laughter any longer.


“What you said earlier impressed me even more than I was expecting. Thank you, Bern.”


“No need to thank me, I just said what I was thinking. Can I ask you a question?”




“If you really intend to become king, do you mean you’re aiming for the throne? Or are you doing what you said you would when we met that day, shouldering your brother’s burden and walking alongside him?”


Lady Letticia’s smile after hearing this question was even more mysterious.


“I do want to help my brother shoulder his burdens. He’s the one who helped raise me, and I caused him plenty of trouble in the process. My pride doesn’t allow that I be protected all this time. Bern, meeting you that day was a trigger for my decision to do that.”


My eyes opened wide in shock.


“My doubts toward this country’s politics and existence became concrete through what you said to me, and I intend to change what I can. Since that time, I made up my mind to walk toward the throne. I yearn for the throne with my own determination.”


“I see…”


“So Bern, if possible I would like to walk alongside you too. Your way of thinking is ideal for me.”


“I’m his majesty’s subordinate.”


“I know that. I also know how you and him started working together.”


Lady Letticia’s words put a startled look on my face.


In my mind, I saw the day I had met his majesty once more.


When we saw the awful situation outside, I encountered him in the palace.


“Kid, is it okay for you not to go to Edward?”


From the beginning, it seemed like he had been joking with me.


“I came here to change what’s going on. For the people, I’m willing to give up everything.”


I answered his mocking words calmly, with no indication of interest in his fight with Edward for the throne.


He must have realized what I was thinking, and laughed out loud.


“Oh, so you’re saying you’ll follow anyone to fulfill your own dreams. You’re willing to use me, huh,” he said with interest.


“All right. Then do as you must. But the moment you’re of no use to me, I’ll have your head. That’s the kind of claim you’re making. But I won’t doubt you before then. In fact, I hope to have you watch over me in return. The moment I disrespect the people, abandon me immediately.”


“Understood. Every day you serve the people, I will serve you.”


And that’s how our relationship as master and servant was established.


“Even now I remember what I said then. That’s a promise to myself, and why I came here. No, now’s not the time for that discussion. I have no reason to leave his majesty now.”


“You heard what I said, right? If I succeed to the throne, my brother will retire from the frontline of politics. When that happens, I hope you can walk by my side.”


“If I’m to tell you the truth, no matter what happens I won’t change my loyalties.”


My words weren’t friendly, yet Lady Letticia laughed warmly.


“Is that so, that’s all I need to hear now. I’m sure he’s already issued his orders to you. From now on I’ll be taking over his work in the palace. There are a few things I wish to confirm, so come to my study with me.”


So we left the room as well.





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