253 Weep Part 2


“Tanya, how is Iris?”


I could only shake my head in response to Madam’s question.


Her expression became even more sullen.


“Is that so…”


“It’s hard to look at. Her crying, wailing…She’s asleep now, but it’s just passing out from exhaustion. She hasn’t eaten anything yet either. If this continues, she’ll fall ill.”


“Yes. Although I want to give her the chance to express her feelings, this is no sustainable way to continue.”


“It was my fault. I shouldn’t have told her the news. Now I don’t even have a chance to regret what I did.”


I still felt guilty for my decision.


If only I hadn’t reported it.


Even if that only meant prolonging the inevitable.


I’ve never seen her like that before.


Even when Edward abandoned their engagement, even when the church stripped her of her power.


No matter when, milady could always step through her agony and worries and come to a finalized decision.


Tears streaming down her face, she would continue forward.


But now…


She was like an empty shell.


With every tear, her nobility and strength left her body.


That’s what I couldn’t help but feel.


And I could do nothing for her. This made me restless.


I couldn’t talk about protecting my mistress. Now I could only watch her suffer and do nothing about it…!


But Madam only shook her head quietly.


“Even if you didn’t say anything she would find out. He was the first prince, after all.”


She sighed.


“But I should have chosen a better opportunity. In a state of exhaustion, hearing about the death of someone close to you is devastating. I couldn’t even comfort her when she got into that state…”


“It must be an incredible pain. I can’t imagine it, and I don’t know how to comfort her. The one she lost was the one she loved.”




I rarely heard this word. Because of how jarring it was, I couldn’t help but question Madam on the spot.


My response seemed to surprise her, but soon enough she smiled sadly.


“You didn’t realize? Judging her response, I think that’s the only reasonable conclusion.”


“Is that so. No, you’re right.”


“Tanya, you should go rest.”


I shook my head.


“No! With milady in that state, how can I rest…!”


“That’s exactly why. If even you fall, Tanya, Iris will only be more sad when she eventually recovers.”




“You look like you’re about to give out about now. Consider this an order. Go rest.”


Madam’s harsh order forced me to nod and submit.


“Earlier, the children from the orphanage came.”


She said with a soft voice.


“Mina and the others, is that right?”


“Yes. Since Iris was in that state, I asked them to return for now. But there are many people who worry about her and are waiting for her recovery. You’re one of many.”


I forced my face into a smile to respond to Madam’s soft chuckles.


“I’m going to tell her when she wakes up. It’s time for her to stop drowning herself in sadness.”


Madam’s words made me feel better. I breathed a sigh of relief.

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