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259 Capital


So the second day, Tanya, Ryle, I and several guards from the police left for the capital together.


We arrived in the capital with no issues, and planned to return home before heading to the palace.


My original train of thought was to try and find out as much as possible from my father or Bern if they were at home before going there, but it turned out both of them were away in the palace.


There was probably much work to do in handling the reconstruction after war. Of course, this couldn’t be helped.


According to my mother, Father still wasn’t fully recovered. It was worrying to hear.


These were the thoughts weighing on my mind when I arrived at the palace. It was completely different from before. While in the past the atmosphere was serious and silent, now it was replaced by noise and chaos.


“I’ve been waiting for you, Sister.”


Bern was the one waiting for me at the door.


“Ah…I can’t believe you’re the one here to receive someone like me.”


“This is how important this matter is. Also, in this nation no one thinks of you like that.”


“How…diplomatic of you.”


Bern led me and Tanya forward.


“I’ve heard about what’s happened in the territory. You really are impressive.”




“Let’s talk more in detail later. But I wanted to ask. You really turned down the proposal?”


“Yes. But don’t worry about it. When you inherit the territory, I’ll leave.”


I responded in an upbeat voice as best as I could, but for some reason Bern only responded with a bitter smile.


“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Sister, don’t you want to take on the family business?”




Bern’s suggestion made me stop dead in my tracks.


“What are you saying? You’re the proper inheritor.”


“What’s your evidence for that? You’re the elder sibling. Anyone who sees your accomplishments would agree that you’re the most suitable successor as ruler.”




“As a family of Duke Armenia’s family, I also think you’re the best choice for the role.”


“Then what do you plan on doing?”


“I plan to continue my work in national politics. I want to purchase property in the capital and work from there. But this is a matter for us to talk over in the future. We’ve arrived.”


As Bern said, we had arrived before a luxurious door.


Honestly what Bern had said left my head spinning, almost unable to process a full conversation with Lady Letticia.


“Excuse me, Lady Letticia.”


Bern knocked before opening the door.


I had no recourse but to switch my mindset and stand before her.


“It’s been a long time, Lady Iris.”


“Indeed, Lady Letticia. I didn’t know your identity before, so excuse me for my prior rudeness.”


Bern looked completely confused.


“Sorry to interrupt. Have you two met?”


“Yes, when I visited in the past in civilian garb.”


I made a face inwardly at Lady Letticia’s words.


Speaking of which, Bern also didn’t know Dean had worked in my territory in the past.


“All that aside, I’m grateful you were able to travel so quickly to get here. Well then, Lady Iris. Although it’s rather sudden, are you willing to go to where she’s confined alongside me?”


“Of course.”


Lady Letticia, Bern, Tanya, and I headed to the tower together.


The further we walked, the fewer people were around us.


After a few more minutes, we finally arrived at our destination.




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