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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 85 Provision of information

Sei took action immediately, starting with the written report on all business contents and personnel of each firm related to buy-outs.


Using that as his base, he began interacting with a certain company.


In order to keep his actions out of the public eye as much as possible, the owner kept taking measures in the dark and moreover, worsened the administration.


He is doing exactly what a villain would do… feeling such bittersweet feelings, he kept issuing instructions indifferently.


Even so, we can’t really back away either, especially now when the tariff hasn’t normalized yet.


Tariff… that reminds me…


“…I wonder why Ed-sama’s party is taking more tariffs from us…” I silently murmured the question I had wondered quite a few times.


Tanya, who was standing beside me, responded, “Isn’t it just to purely pester you?”


“No… The possibility of that is pretty high, I know. But as a country, when you think that you would have more demerits than merits, I can’t help but feel that it is the tip of the iceberg…”


And in reality, Armelia’s territory did have rich soils and was in the top three when talking about the production of crops, even among countries.


But because of this turmoil, the exports would definitely decrease. In other words, that would mean that the influx of goods to other territories would decrease.


They wouldn’t profit much even if they were to export to other territories… On the other hand, the population in our territory is just increasing, and to prepare for a disaster… also for the times when crop yields are low due to bad weather, we need to stockpile resources in our territory to a certain extent instead of exporting outside. That way it would be more profitable.


“Well, either way, we are low on ingredients now. And so, Tanya. Investigate into the movements of the nobles in the capital and report to me in detail. Also the price trends and reactions of the town as well… Well, for today, that’s it.”


Signing the last document, she handed it over to Tanya.


At that moment, a knock was heard and Sei entered the room.


The timing was too good; she couldn’t help but think he could see what was going on inside.


“Miss. That company agreed to come to the negotiation table.”


That company… the one I have been diligently cornering recently, eh?


“About time. When?”


“The other party desires the meeting to be the day after tomorrow.”


“Is that so… Alright. Confirm it with them. Tanya, please adjust my schedule for the day after tomorrow.”


After bowing their heads to me, they both headed for the library.


Letting out a sigh as if to let go of my fatigue, I sank into the chair.


Things seem to have settled down for now so I guess I will walk around the mansion a bit; always being in the same posture during work really puts a strain on my joints.


While thinking that, I stood up to take my walk.


I guess I will go read a book while drinking tea in the courtyard. While I was walking absentmindedly towards the courtyard, I encountered Bern.


“Oh, Bern…”


“Sister, what are you doing?”


“I was done with today’s quota so I thought of taking a break.”


“…Then, can I have a bit of your time?”


I couldn’t help but make a bitter smile hearing him.


“Is it fine if we go talk in the courtyard, then?”


Hearing my suggestion, Bern too gave a bitter smile.


“I see. Then let’s go to the library.”


I guess I will have my tea there. Tanya should probably be sending someone in place of her by now as well.


And then, I ended up going back to the room with Bern after all.


“So, what happened?”


“I am not sure if I should call it a discussion or a report but…”


Hearing his inarticulate manner of speaking, I thought it would be something not good and so prepared myself for the worst.


“…The other day, the proposal to disassemble the army was raised to the King.”


The words he spoke were so unexpected that I couldn’t help but be stunned.


I am surely making an idiotic expression, unfitting for a noble’s daughter.


“…Do-don’t tell me… that thing Yuri Noir, the baron’s daughter, was talking about long ago? To think it would actually be reported to the King…”


Having finished saying that, I gave out a sigh. And at the same time, I trembled with fear, because her words have enough influence to make it a reality.


“Since it was reported to the emperor, she got approval from several nobles, right?”


“Yes. It seems like the thing had progressed quite a bit when Father wasn’t able to move due to your ex-communication uproar.”


So that means I am responsible for it as well…


“However, due to the swift resolution of your incident, Father fought them together with Grandfather… Marquis Anderson also joined with the opposing party and the proposal was stopped at the critical moment.”


“That means the dissembling of the army was rejected. How?”


“I heard they brought up the warring regime law.”


“….Warring regime law…?”


I feel like I have seen it somewhere… But hearing the unaccustomed word, I was puzzled and searched through the knowledge in my head for an answer.


And suddenly remembered: I had seen it long ago at the principal residence.


“Ahh, that old law, eh…”


If I am not wrong, it was created when the country was established. And in accordance with its name, it would be given the highest priority during war times.


The last time it was used was more than a hundred years ago during the foundation of the country, when the autonomy of each territory was much stronger than now.


At that time, the country didn’t have a permanent army and each of the feudal lords had to bundle soldiers together with the ruler of the country, the royalty.


At that time, one lord refused to dispatch troops as he was opposed to war but was forced to do so with the law.


And with that, the permanent army was built… Even so, the feudal lords today still have possession of a minimal amount of soldiers in the name of guards.


Let’s return to the main topic.


During these hundred years, the reason that law wasn’t used was simply because it wasn’t needed.


Now when the country has an army, basically, during a war, no matter what each of the nobles are thinking, they unify in front of the enemy and fight as a country.


In other words, the fact that that law had to be brought out and used once again itself just goes to show that the country is already starting to wear out.


“…They just stopped fighting for some time and it’s not a truce. So, we’re still in warring periods and the law would apply, eh…”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Father has sure gone through some troubles as well, huh? But I am glad we were able to avoid the worst-case scenario.”


Seriously. Just as father had said, this is not a truce.


Also… after having researched that baron’s daughter’s personal history, I think that particular country is doing quite a lot behind the scenes…


Although I say that, I will abide by Father’s sayings. I do not intend on being too assertive in intervening as I am just one feudal lord.


“Yes… And so…”


“There is still something more?”


“No, the real talk is from here… Father has given me homework regarding this incident.”




“Yes. ‘In this incident, what was the biggest problem?’ Father told me to think about that.”


“What was… the biggest problem, eh? And?”


“No… I thought it would be nice if you were to give me some kind of a hint upon reporting…”


“Father told you to report to me?”




I thought about it for a moment. If my thinking is right… then probably, Father didn’t pass this as the prime minister to his daughter, but rather as the Armelia ducal family’s head to Armelia territory’s feudal lord substitute, me.


In other words, to prepare me.


“…Hey, Bern. By the way, who were the nobles who agreed to this proposal?”


“Other than the second prince’s party, the neutral party also agreed. I think the neutral party being swayed over to the second prince’s party is the problem but….”


“He said you were wrong, didn’t he?”




After that, I heard about the concrete details of the people who declared their approval.


Ah.. this country is declining…


“By the way, what were the suggestions also submitted for the military personnel if that proposal were to be accepted?”


“Yes. It would depend on their will but, during the peaceful times, it was said that they could serve under the feudal lords. And in the case of an emergency, they could be recruited under the country’s name. In other words, it would mean that the feudal lords would get the current military funds.”


‘Ahh, as I thought…’ I couldn’t help but let out a sigh with it.


“…Bern. I don’t know if my thinking is correct or not. There is likely no definite answer and Father probably wants to see how deeply you think and how far you see into the future about this.”


During work, I always think how easy it would’ve been if there were proper answers for everything like in the school tests.


“I see.”


“The fact that the neutral party and the second prince’s party are getting closer to each other… I see. I do agree with that, but is that all?”


“What do you mean, that all?”


“I mean you should look at things from every possible angle. What were the thoughts of the neutral party about agreeing to this, and how far would you be able to see judging from that? I am telling you to think of all that. There are no definite right and wrongs, so the more you think, the more you’ll be able to deal with different situations.”


Bern wore an expression like he was pondering on what I had just said and after a while, he nodded.


“Thank you very much, sister.”


“No, thank you too, for the report.”


Wearing a much more refreshed expression than before, Bern left the room.



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