Clouds changed unpredictably. Sometimes it was razing like an ocean wave, sometimes it was as quiet as a lake. The clouds changed without patterns, but always brought the awe of its beauty.

Thick power dwelled in the clouds. If a normal human took one breath here, that person’s life would be extended by ten years. Of course, human beings could not take in too much of this. Simply because this was the power of the Gods.

Can normal people be here? The answer is, of course, no. Because this place is the Divine Realm.

A palace was glowing with faint golden color under the light of the world, towering over the whole Divine Realm. It was the tallest point in this realm. Also, it was the place to control everything in this world.

The Divine Realm Council had the responsibilities of judging all gods and maintaining order in the Divine Realm.

The main hall of the palace was octagon-shaped. The walls had no decorations, but flashed with limitless scenes. Every scene represented a different human world. It was the place where the Divine Realm Council monitored all the planets in this universe.

In the middle of the main hall, there was a round table with a surface made of unknown material. With a closer look, one may see the clouds forming, with endless depth.

Currently, five figures were sitting around the table.

Sitting on the host seat was a man dressed in magnificent blue robe, with the same colored hair flowing on his back. The luxurious blue robe looked like it had rippling waves. If one looked closer, the deep blue would grab all the attention. Even the soul would be sucked into the deep ocean blue.

The two beings on his left wore black and white robes respectively. The one wearing black was a young man. He had short black hair, giving him a very energetic look. His eyes seemed to have fire dancing in them. He smiled with a smirk.

The one wearing white robe was a lady with fiery red hair flowing on her back. She had a gorgeous and soft face, depicting unrivaled purity.

Across from them, sitting on the right hand side of the man in blue, was also a man and a woman. The face of the man could not be seen clearly. He wore a big purple cloak covering his head. Only two red lights flashing within could be seen faintly. There seemed to be infinite terror in that cloak.

The lady sitting next to him was the opposite of him. She dressed in a long, light green dress full of life. She always smiled lightly. Though she was not as breathtaking as the other lady, her face was covered softly with golden color. Her sense of life was unforgettable, making people want to get closer.

“God of the Sea, many human beings have reached the top level. They need to become gods to enter the Divine Realm. It is time to expand the Divine Realm.” A deep voice came from the large purple cloak. The eye of flashing red light was directed to the blue haired young man.

The blue haired young man frowned, “God of Destruction, the laws of the Divine Realm had long been established, why alter it so easily? Not to mention that expanding the Divine Realm can shake its foundation. This is not acceptable. Even though there are humans that have reached the top level, there are also many gods resigning to explore the far universe. Let the replacements happen naturally.”

The God of Destruction said coldly, “Naturally? Replacing of gods is very difficult. Many talented people have died because they did not pass the god’s inheritance trials. If the Divine Realm had more positions, then the advancement to gods would be much easier. There is no reason to not expand the Divine Realm. With the power that the Divine Realm has accumulated, gradual expansion is the will of the world. This can make the Divine Realm a better place.”

The God of the Sea frowned slightly, “Expanding the Divine Realm is no small task. This will make the whole world restless, even upsetting the whole universe that we are monitoring. The alteration for the human worlds are impossible to estimate. This cannot be done. God of Destruction, do not bring it up again.”

His voice was very determined. With this said, the other four people looked at him with different expressions.

The God of Destruction said coldly, “You cannot decide this by yourself. After the two God Kings reincarnated, we hold one vote per person. I request voting. I agree expanding the Divine Realm.”

With a deep voice, the God of the Sea replied, “Even if we were to vote on this issue, we need to expand the Divine Realm Council’s meeting. We cannot decide this with only the five of us. This matter is deferred,” he said with an absolute voice, firmly pressing the God of Destruction down.

The purple cloak of the God of Destruction moved even when there was no wind. The red light from his eyes flashed, then calmed down again.

The lady dressed in green sitting next to the God of Destruction said, “This matter needs careful planning, Destruction, don’t rush it.”

When she said it, the God of Destruction softened his expression and became silent.

The lady in green looked at the God of the Sea, and smiled at him, “God of the Sea, I feel that you have strong sense of life recently. You might be having a new family member.”

“Hmm?” The God of the Sea thought for a moment, glanced at her and said, “Goddess of Life, are you saying?”

The Goddess of Life smiled mysteriously and said, “Go and ask her, you will know.”

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