The God of the Sea nodded to the Goddess of Life with a hint of appreciation in his expression. Then he said, “Thank you.”

The two beings sitting across from the God of Destruction and the Goddess of Life smiled and nodded to the God of the Sea, “Congratulations.”

The God of the Sea nodded back.

The God of Destruction’s voice was a bit harsh, “Congratulations.” Even though his voice was not congratulatory, nonetheless he said it.

The God of the Sea said, “In recent years, it’s true the lower worlds have more excellent human beings. I suggest that god hunters should strengthen the inspections and monitoring. If there are talents, they can be introduced to the Divine Realm. We also need to quicken the approval of god replacement. How is that?”

Hearing what he said, the God of Destruction softened his expression a bit. The other three beings nodded. God of Destruction also nodded eventually.

The God of Destruction said, “That’s it for today. I need to solve another issue for some second level gods.” After he finished his sentence, he stood up and walked outside.

The Goddess of Life looked to the God of the Sea apologetically, but also stood up and said to the three other beings, “God of the Sea, Goddess of Kindness, God of Evil, I also need to leave. I have to keep an eye on him, in case he will be too strict.”

The God of the Sea’s mind was already drifting elsewhere. He stood up and smiled, “Go ahead.”

The Goddess of Life chased after the direction the God of Destruction had left.

The God of Evil in black robe stood up and looked at the God of the Sea. He smiled, “It looks like the God of Destruction is very discontented. But, he is only doing it for the good of the Divine Realm.”

The Goddess of Kindness in white stood up and said, “He is a bit impatient today, God of the Sea. Don’t mind him please.”

The God of the Sea smiled a little and said, “I don’t have time to mind him now. I just want to hurry home and look after my wife. You are on duty today. I’m going to take a break.”

The God of Evil laughed with understanding, “Go. Do tell us the good news!”

The God of the Sea swung his wide sleeve and flew away as a streak of blue light.

Looking at the leaving blue light, the beautiful Goddess of Kindness leaned on the God of Evil’s shoulder and said, “The God of Destruction has been pushing the line more frequently. The disagreement between him and the God of the Sea is very obvious right now. What should we do?”

The God of Evil sighed, and said, “We are not the two God Kings as before.  Here, we are too young to make the decision. Let’s watch what happens. The God of Destruction has tried to persuade me in private several times already. He wants to develop the Divine Realm, keen to improve it. There is nothing wrong with that. The God of the Sea is more conservative. It’s also not wrong. We cannot take either side, and can only hope that they don’t cause any trouble.”

The God of Kindness said, “Among the five gods of the Divine Realm Council, the God of Destruction and the Goddess of Life have long history. The God of the Sea arrived a little earlier than us. There is nothing to be said for us. If not for the absence of two God Kings, we would not qualify to be here. The God of the Sea is the strongest among us, since he is also the God of Asura. The next is the God of Destruction, then the Goddess of Life. And then us, who are the weakest. You are right. We need to stay neutral. Maybe this is the best idea. Even if they really start a fight, the Divine Realm still needs to be well managed. This is the only choice we have.”

The God of Evil said, “In the Divine Realm, there are currently eighteen level one gods, two hundred and sixteen level two gods, one thousand eight hundred and forty seven level three gods, and ten thousand common gods and god hunters. There should be more neutrals, because we are all gods. The God of the Sea and the God of Destruction only have differing opinions. Honestly, I really hope the two God Kings can finish their lower world travel and come back soon. There will be much less trouble with them here.”

The God of Kindness said helplessly, “Those two keep reincarnating together over and over again. I don’t know how many lives they have lived. Each time they reach the top level and recall some of their memories, they refuse to come back. There is nothing we can do.”

The God of Evil suddenly smiled and said, “It’s no use thinking about this. My dear, we have nothing to do right now. How do you feel about having a new family member? The God of the Sea already has a daughter, and it seems like he is going to get another. It is really difficult for gods to have children, but he already has two. We have nothing yet. We really have to catch up.”

The Goddess of Kindness blushed and rolled her eyes at him. She said, “Who is to blame? I need a drink! Make me a cocktail!”

The God of Evil swept her off her feet and said, “Alright, how do you like Flaming Lips?”

Holding the Goddess of Kindness in his arms, he left, leaving a black shadow behind to monitor the tens of thousands of views of the lower worlds.

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