Dangling above the clouds, the fog around the God of Destruction naturally turned into a deep purple. If observed carefully, one could see the water molecules around his body bursting instantly into nothingness as the deep purple light became more and more profound.

“What was that earlier?” A soft voice sounded behind him.

The Goddess of Life had arrived behind him unwittingly.

The God of Destruction said in cold voice, “He’s so conservative and complacent. How is the Divine Realm supposed to develop? In the future, the Divine Realm’s expansion will indispensable if we wish to control more galaxies. This is a path that must be taken. If he wishes to obstruct, it would indicate the obstruction of the entire Divine Realm’s development. Ever since he came to the Divine Realm, it seems that he’s forgotten the number of people that he brought from the mortal world to the Divine Realm. Since when was he a rule abider? Such a selfish person, I really don’t understand why the two God Kings entrusted the entire God Realm to him in the first place. If it were me, the Divine Realm would have been different.”

The Goddess of Life scowled and said, “Destruction, actually the God of the Sea has done nothing wrong. Yes, it’s true that he brought in quite a number of mortals since he first arrived in the Divine Realm. However, we also cannot deny the fact that in the Douluo Continent of that era, there were truly a lot of talented mortals who relied on the results of their own practices and were eventually valued by the Gods. Also, during that time, there were in fact a lot of Gods who wished to go out and travel, while giving up their God positions. At the very least, when the God of the Sea first came to the Divine Realm, he inherited the God of the Sea’s and the Asura God’s positions simultaneously. The God of the Sea is Class One God; this position itself has the qualification to bring mortals into the Divine Realm. Even though the numbers are limited, it’s still permitted. Not to mention the position of the Asura God. The Asura God, like us, is the Divine Realm’s oldest existence and one of the Divine Realm’s council members. Inheritance of the Asura God’s position is a major matter. It’s understandable to bring in some subordinates into the Divine Realm. It was approved by the two God Kings.”

“I know that you’re somewhat discontented that the two God Kings entrusted the Divine Realm to the God of the Sea before they reincarnated. But if it were my choice, I’m afraid that I’d do the same.”

The Goddess of Life’s’ remarks caused the God of Destruction to turn around immediately. Under his cloak, a pair of blood red eyes turned sharp instantly and stared at her. A strong and bone-chilling Destruction Intent rushed towards her.

Wherever the Destruction Intent goes, even worldly elemental force will crush and become part of Destruction. However, when this overwhelming Divine power got close to the Goddess of Life, it was reconstructed and restored to its original form. Creation and destruction, it was indeed mysterious.

The Goddess of Life sighed, “Your world belongs to Destruction. You are upright and we all believe that. However, using Destruction Intent’s prejudice to control the Divine Realm is never a good thing. On this matter, the two God Kings have specifically talked to me before leaving. They made the decision after I agreed to it. I believe they have looked for you as well, it’s just that you chose to turn a deaf ear.”

“Destruction, don’t act rashly, promise me, okay?” The Goddess of Life couldn’t care less about the intense Destruction Intent wandering around her body. She floated over to the God of Destruction and nestled gently against him.

The God of Destruction embraced her inside his arms. The strong red light deep in his eyes became gentle. Using his uniquely low and deep voice, he said, “The Divine Realm’s future, I can’t see it clearly. How can he see it clearly? He always says that the Divine Realm is going to face a huge disaster. I think even if there is going to be a disaster, it is against him. Otherwise, how can we not sense anything when both of us are the first existences?”

The Goddess of Life said in a soft voice, “I don’t believe the God of the Sea will simply lie. Moreover, this matter, I’d rather believe him than not. For us, life is long, and that is all the more reason to want life to be continued.”

The God of Destruction said, “Earlier, you told him that there’s another new life being born on his side?”

“Ah, yes! His wife is pregnant again, this time should be a boy,” the Goddess of Life replied with a sense of disappointment.

The God of Destruction hugged her tender body tightly, “It’s my fault, my Destruction Intent keeps us from having a child.”

The Goddess of Life smiled and said, “Don’t blame yourself. This isn’t solely your problem, okay? This is our common problem. I advocate creation; you advocate destruction – creation and destruction. I am already very satisfied for being able to stay together. What more can I ask for? Moreover, for Gods like us, continuation of bloodlines is not a big deal. What’s more important is the continuation of our will. One day, when we run into a likable child in the Divine Realm, we shall endow our ability to him, and he will be our child, isn’t that right?”

“Hmm.” The God of Destruction nodded gently, red light flashing a little deep from his eyes. He turned his head to look at the Divine Realm Council not far away. His stare turned ghastly all of a sudden.


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