“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu!” A call sounded, followed by a light that appeared at the top of the Divine Realm Council.

The blue figure that looked calm and majestic before this, appeared somewhat hurried at this point, and even excited.

A girl was sitting in a warm room; her long hair was tied into scorpion braids, hanging in front of her body. She had a stunning, delicate countenance, fair and charmingespecially her pair of eyes which were exceptionally spiritual. Compared to the elegance of the Goddess of Kindness, she looked even more delicate and pretty. furthermore, she had a unique aura that was difficult to describe in words.

The door opened, and a blue figure rushed in from outside. He moved like a dart and was already beside the girl. He seized her shoulders with both of his hands, staring at her with his shining eyes.

“Xiao Wu, are you… are you pregnant?” The God of the Sea in his blue attire, unable to suppress his emotions, asked in a trembling voice.

It had been many years since they came to the Divine Realm, but they only had a daughter. The Gods wanted to have more offspring, but it was too difficult, too difficult. It was lucky enough to even have one, therefore the God of the Sea had always thought he couldn’t have any more offsprings. But after he listened to what the Goddess of Life said today, he unexpectedly discovered that he would have another child. What could make him any happier than this?

Xiao Wu pouted and snappily said, “I knew you wanted a child. Hmph, hmph. You never cared about me, never considered me.”

The God of the Sea quickly let go of her hands, turned and sat beside her. He lifted her up, placed her on his lap, hugged her in his arms, and lovingly caressed her long scorpion braid.

“Whether it’s you or the child, both of you are my precious treasures. How could we have a child if it wasn’t for you? Do you feel unwell?” the God of the Sea asked gently, with a loving gaze.

Xiao Wu lay in his arms and smilingly said, “No, I did not feel unwell. The Goddess of Life said that our child is two months old now. Another seven months, then he will be born. Wu Tong is going to have a younger brother. What should we name him, in your opinion?”

The God of the Sea smiled foolishly. “Really? Are we really going to have another child? Great, this is really great. Xiao Wu, thank you.” He hugged her tightly, and his eyes were filled with joy.

“Hey, be gentle. Don’t hurt the child,” Xiao Wu said playfully.

Shockingly, the God of the Sea loosened his arms, then carefully and gently caressed her stomach. “Yes, yes, I will be careful, more careful.”

Xiao Wu grinned. “From now on, we have to establish three rules. Every night, you have to sleep in the study. You are not allowed to sleep with me anymore. Otherwise, if you wrap yourself around me with your strength, I won’t be able to take it.”  

The God of the Sea wiped off the non-existent sweat on his head, haltingly said, “Don’t know who’s the one who wrapped oneself around the other.”

“What did you say?” Xiao Wu opened her eyes widely and knitted her eyebrows, and was about to have an outburst.

“I was said it was me, it was me!” The God of the Sea immediately said this righteously. How could he offend her at this moment?

Xiao Wu snorted and said, “This is more like it. Regarding the second rule, from now onwards, you should listen to me all the time. When I ask you to do something, you do it. When I ask you to go east, you should not go west. You must do whatever I say, even if it’s wrong!”

Looking at the peremptory expression that she had put on, the God of the Sea helplessly said, “Wasn’t this the case all these years? Does it still need to be stressed?”

Xiao Wu scratched her head. “Hmm, I think that is true. Let’s change this rule, then! Now the rule will be: In the future when we have our second child, you need to love me more than you love the second child!”

The God of the Sea hit his forehead. “How can there be a mother who fights for love with her son? Oh you, oh you!”

“I don’t careyou promise or not?” Xiao Wu stubbornly asked.

“All right, all right. I promise you everything, promise you everything, that’s it,” the God of the Sea said with a helpless smile.

Xiao Wu continued saying, “As for the third rule…” She tilted her head and thoughtshe had all three rules in mind at first, but the second rule was cancelled. So there was space for another rule.

“I haven’t thought of it for now. I will tell you when I’ve figured it out.”

“Alright, I promise you everything, okay. You add another one when you think of it.” The God of the Sea accompanied her and spoke carefully. If other Gods of the Divine Realm witnessed how he looked now, who would think that this man was the God King of a generation, who controlled the whole Divine Realm?

Xiao Wu grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “That is more like it. Quick, think about what we should name our baby. The Goddess of Life told me that our second child will be a boy.”

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