At this time, the God of the Sea had already made up his mind and said, “Our dear daughter’s name is Tang Wu Tong; it was taken from one of the words of each of our namesTang’ from my name ‘Tang San,’ ‘Wu’ from your name ‘Xiao Wu’and ‘Tong’ from the phrase ‘phoenix resting on the Sycamore tree.’ On the whole, it means Tang San and Xiao Wu’s little phoenix. Thus, for our dear son, let’s follow this pattern too. I say, let’s call him Tang Wu Lin. How does that sound?”  

Xiao Wu’s eyes lit up, and she said, “Tang San and Xiao Wu’s little Qilin? Great! Great! That’s it.” Then, she grimaced and said, “But the word would be difficult to writeyou are responsible for teaching him to read and write.”

The God of the Sea, Tang San, smiled and said, “No problem, leave it all to me.”

Xiao Wu was satisfied. She hugged him and said, “How was the regular meeting today?”

Tang San recalled the provocation by the God of Destruction. He shook his head helplessly and said, “The God of Destruction was still dissatisfied with my control over the Divine Realm. This time, he is provoking me again regarding the matter of expanding the Divine Realm. I suppressed it.”

Xiao Wu slightly frowned and said, “But it won’t work if this matter persists. After all, the God of Destruction is the eldest Godhe holds a lot of support from other Gods. Especially those from the demonic faction, they are his loyal followers. I am pregnant now, so I am incapable of helping you. You have to bear the responsibilities of both Gods alone, which will certainly be demanding for you. What if he’s up to no good? Brother San, you are too soft-hearted. It would have been better if you had listened to Brother Dai at that time to move in on him. Every new sovereign brings his own courtiers; he always complies on the surface but opposes in his heart. This won’t be good for the Divine Realm.”

Tang San said, “After all, the God of Destruction is one of the founders of the Divine Realm. Not to mention that his wife, the Goddess of Life, has always treated us very well, and she controls the lives and creations. No matter if it is creation or destruction, both are indispensable forces of any bit. If we really deal with them, it would be disadvantageous for our control of the galaxy. Moreover, the God of Destruction’s power is just a little stronger, and his nature is not bad. He also wants the Divine Realm to do well, just that he’s a little hasty. Don’t worry, I will handle this matter with care. I will discuss it with him after some time. “

Xiao Wu nodded and said, “Is expanding the Divine Realm really not doable?”

Tang San said, “It’s actually not inconceivable. We, the Divine Realm, are formed and maintained by relying on the psyche of the mortal world. A day in the Divine Realm is one year in the mortal world. After so many years, the Divine Realm has gathered a sufficient abundance of psyche. If we want to expand the Divine Realm, increase the numbers of divines, it’s actually doable. Under normal circumstances, I would have agreed. After expanding the Divine Realm, we could control more planet orders, which is a good thing. But…” Having said that, he paused and frowned heavily.

Xiao Wu said, “Is it because of that premonition?”

“Mhm.” Tang San nodded.

Xiao Wu said, “When you first had this premonition, our son-in-law had just become a God. At that time you said, in less than 30 years’ time, there will be a disaster in the Divine Realm. But so many years have passed, and nothing happened! Not only are the God of Destruction’s doubts about you increasing, but even some of the Divine Realm’s class one and class two Gods also think similarly. Brother San, your perceptions really won’t have any defaults?”

Tang San inhaled deeply, while his eyes turned brooding. He placed Xiao Wu on the bed, stood up, and walked toward the window.

The room where they stayed was the highest point of the Divine Realm Council. Looking out from this point, using Tang San’s divine power, he could even oversee the whole Divine Realm.

“I have a feeling that the disaster is coming nearer and nearer to us. It’s going to happen in at most a year. And it is because of this, that I cannot allow the God of Destruction to open up the Divine Realm. Once the psyche of the Divine Realm is saturated, it would be a big issue when we face adversities!”

Xiao Wu also stood up, walked towards him, held his hand and said, “Brother San, I believe in you. However, you really need to have a proper discussion with the God of Destructiondon’t let the conflict escalate. Otherwise, when danger really approaches, if the Divine Realm cannot unite, how do we fight against it?”

Tang San smiled and brought her into his arms once again. “Don’t worry, I will do so. Xiao Wu, do I really have to sleep in the study room tonight?”

“Of course!”

“Then don’t come and touch me at night. My hugs are very warm and comfy.”

“I! Will! Not”

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