Early in the morning, a soft halo sprinkled through the window into the room, and the room was decorated by a touch of light.

There was no sun in the Divine Realm, but day and night still existed. Just that, time flows differently from the mortal world.

Tang San looked with slight helplessness at his wife who was lying in his arms. She was asleep like a kittenlike the wild kind of kitten. Her pair of long legs were pliably yet strongly wrapped around his right leg, her arms were hugging his waist; her head was lying close to his chest; her saliva slightly bedewed his shirt. She moved her body once in a while; her tender skin was rubbing against his body. This left him with no other choice but to increase his willpower.

This girl, doesn’t she know that my immune level towards her is almost zero? Didn’t she agree that she won’t come to the study room? Who went to the washroom semi-consciously last night and then came straight in here, crawled inside and nestled up, and ended up like this.

“Wei, wake up.” He pinched her face.

“Quiet!” She hit his hand away and wrapped herself around him even more tightly.

With a flicker of blue, Tang San transformed into a ray of light. He finally escaped and stuffed a big bolster into her arms.

Xiao Wu had a virtueat least that was what she thoughtshe loved sleeping. She had this virtue since she came to the Divine Realm.

A dark castle was surrounded by dark clouds. Occasionally purple lightning fell from the sky towards the castle, painting it with a dark purple halo.

No matter which God arrived at this place, they would feel a clear sense of oppression. Because this was the domain of the God of Destruction, the place of extinction for many godsthe destruction castle.

Even the wife of the God of Destruction, the Goddess of Life, would not simply come to this place. Because every corner of this place was filled with immense destruction intent. These destructive intent came from the destructive thoughts  from all kinds of living creatures in the mortal world. Only the God of Destruction could absorb these and transform them into his own power. Therefore, whenever it was time for practice, the God of Destruction would be here. Otherwise, he normally lived at the Goddess of Life’s water villa at the Lake of Life.

In the dim hall, a scarlet red carpet extended from the entrance all the way to the innermost corner.

A bolt of lightning shone across the window; suddenly the hall was temporarily brighter. It could be seen that, at the main seat in the inner side of the hall, someone was sitting up straight. It was the God of Destruction.

There were four chairs on each side below the main seat, and eight people who all looked different were seated on the chairs. Oh no, more accurately saying, it should be eight Gods.

Amongst the eight Gods, only the first one on the left side, the god who was hiding in a heavy armor, looked normal from his vibe. The other seven people’s vibe more or less gave out an oppressing or crazy feeling.

“Start preparing on that matter.” The God of Destruction’s deep voice echoed around the hall.

After he said this, the bodies of the eight Gods seated below slightly startled.

A God with a thin figure released faint green light from his eyes. He  licked his lips with his long tongue. “Lord, can we really start? But for the God of the Sea’s side, it seems like…” His voice sounded very weirdit could not even be differentiated whether it was a male or female voice.

“I said you can start preparing now, don’t you understand that?” The God of Destruction’s voice suddenly became cold, the whole hall was silenced.

“Yes, yes Lord. We will get ready immediately,” the thin God said hurriedly.

The God of Destruction coldly said, “Regarding the matter with the God of the Sea, I will handle it. After I get control of the central Divine Realm, we will begin launching our plans. What you all need to do is to complete the preparation of the preliminary work.”  

“Yes, my Lord.” The eight Gods stood up at the same time, respectfully bowed to the God of Destruction. At this moment, all of them had a light wheel behind their backsome were dim and some were bright. But all of their light wheels had seven overlapping rings. Following the colour of their own light wheel, the colour gradually turned lighter as the rings reached inward.

Light wheels with seven rings, class one Gods!

The God of Destruction stood up; he also had a light wheel behind his back. Compared to the other class one Gods below him, the light wheel behind his back was way bigger. There were nine rings, and the strong destruction atmosphere was looming.

His dark red eyes stared into distance. The light in his gaze was changing, yet it was unknown what was on his mind.

Right at this moment, suddenly, a blue light appeared at the top of the hall. At the moment when the blue light appeared, the eight God’s who were hiding in the dark startled. All of them showed different expressions.

The red light in the God of Destruction’s eyes was also slightly concentrated.

“God of Destruction.” A bright and delightful voice sounded.

The God of Destruction coldly said, “God of the Sea, is there something you want to see me about?”

Tang San’s voice passed through the blue light. “Regarding yesterday’s matter, I deliberately considered afterwardit is not totally not allowed. My premonition will appear in around one year’s time. If still nothing happens within one year, then I will follow the God of Destruction’s wish to expand the Divine Realm. How does that sound?”

After listening to his words, the God of Destruction could not help but remain stunned for a while. After being silent for a moment, he said in his deep voice, “All right.”

“This is great.” Tang San’s soft voice still echoed in the hall. The next moment, the blue light weakened, then it disappeared without any trace.

But the God of Destruction subconsciously clenched his fist. This was the power of controlling the center of the Divine Realm. No matter which class of God you belonged to, as long as the God King wanted to communicate with you, he could immediately contact you.

“My Lord. Since the God of the Sea has already said this, should we…” said the first person on the left side, the one who hid under his heavy armor.

“Shut up.” The God of Destruction’s motive became stronger all of a sudden. “Is he showing off to me that he is the master of the Divine Realm? Who knows, after one year, what would he think again? The original plan goes on. This opportunity is rare, it is not to be missed.”

Opportunity? What was the opportunity about? Even the eight class one Gods below were not clear about it. However, no one dared to go against the will of the God of Destruction.

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