Six months later.

Tang San was quietly sitting at a table, holding an account book in his hands. This was the total psyche the Divine Realm had gotten from everywhere in the recent months. Some of the information of the people who needed to pay special attention to was also recorded in details.

Slightly frowned, Tang San slowly shook his head.

Right at this time, a cold little hand reached out from the back and rubbed his furrowed brows.

“What happened, Brother San?” Xiao Wu’s delightful voice sounded.

Tang San let her massage his brows; his face showed trace of a gentle smile. “Nothing much. Just that I don’t know what is happening these days; the amount of psyche from the mortal world is noticeably decreasing. But everything is normal on all continents of the mortal world. I don’t know what problem has occurred. I have assigned people to investigate a few times already, but there is no result.”

Xiao Wu walked to the front and sat down on his lap. After six months of nurturance, she was eight months pregnant now. In another month or so, she was going to give birth to Ling Er.

“Is that a forewarning that your premonition is going to come true?” Xiao Wu whispered.

Tang San’s body was shaken. He hugged her and said, “I hope not. The thing I wished the most to not happen is to deal with any catastrophe now.”

Xiao Wu showed a trace of a gentle smile on her face—of course she knew why Tang San would say so. She was going to give birth soon; Tang San would most likely be frustrated at this time.

For the past six months, he showed her meticulous care. Except for regular work, he spent almost all of his time beside her. She already felt very contented because of this.

“Everything will be all right. No matter what happens, we will fight together and it will be over.” Xiao Wu gently comforted him.

Tang San smiled while nodding his head, and said, “As long as you are beside me, no matter what happens, I won’t be afraid.”

Xiao Wu laid in his arms, her pretty face filled with a smile of satisfaction.

Mountain Valley.

Lush and long fragrant grasses and tall trees could be seen everywhere. In the mountain valley, flowers blossomed, just like in a fairyland of the mortal world.

And in this fairyland of the mortal world, there was a girl who was dancing. There was glory between the  intertwining adorable dance moves and the blossomed flowers—it cannot be told whether the person was more lovable than the flowers, or the flowers were more glamorous than the person.

The girl looked like she was around 20 years old. Her light yellow dress perfectly outlined the curves of her body, and she looked stunning.

“Stop dancing. I cannot help but join you too if you continue to dance.” At this point, a lazy voice sounded.

Following the voice, it could be seen that among the flowers and the grass, there was a person who was sluggishly lying on a chair. He looked like he was semi-conscious, with an indescribable laziness.  

This person also looked like he was in his twenties, but he had a big moustache. There was light circulating in his peach-blossom shaped eyes, giving out a slight vibe that it will hook someone’s heart. He put both of his hands under his head, and he was looking with fascination at the dancing girl in the yellow dress.

“You? Do you even dance? I think it’s better for you to do a sorcerer’s dance.” The girl in the yellow dress stopped dancing, and said that with a disdainful look.

The guy wasn’t angry; he smiled cheekily and said, “I am really a sorcerer. So even if I do a sorcerer’s dance, it will still make sense!”

While he was saying that, he already stood up, acted like a hungry tiger pouncing on its food, and he pounced on the girl in the yellow dress.  

The girl in the yellow dress smiled cheekily; she made an agile turn with her petite body and dodged away. The two of them started playing around and laughing amid the flowers. Strange to say, no matter how they frolicked, none of the flowers or grasses were broken.

“Okay, okay, stop fooling around. Hurry up and cook me something, I am hungry.” The girl in the yellow dress held the guy’s hand and rebuked him, but with a loving voice.  

The guy cheekily smiled and said, “What sausage do you want to eat today? I have big sausage, small sausage, mushroom sausage, everything is available.”

“Pui, pui, pui! You are so disgusting—who wants to eat sausages? You are the God of Food, but when it comes to cooking, you are not as good as the God of Emotion! I don’t care, I want to eat delicious delicacies. It’s up to you. If you can’t satisfy my stomach, don’t think of sleeping in the room today.”

“Okay, okay, who asked my wife to be the Goddess of Nine Colours? It’s not simple if you want to eat good food. Look out for the food that I, the God of Food, is going to make.” While he was saying this, he already turned into a white light and flashed to the side. With a flash, he reached a nearby cabin. He entered the kitchen, and immediately, jingling sounds were heard.

Cooking was such an easy job for the God of Food. Any ingredients that he got hold of, he could turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal.

The Goddess of Nine Colours also walked towards the cabin and sat in front of a stone table. She propped her chin in her hands; although there was a smile on her face, deep in her eyes there was a slight sense of loss.

“Although the days are good here, it is a bit too boring. No wonder some of the Gods want to give up on their position to explore the unknown world. Too bad we still don’t have the bravery now. For now, I should look for Brother San and play with him after a few days.”

Not long after, the door opened, and the God of Food walked out with a big plate in his hands. It was a plate filled with fried rice.

That’s right, it was fried rice.

However, when the fried rice was out, the surrounding fragrance of the flowers was completely covered. The rich aroma greeted the nose. Unexpectedly, every grain of rice looked golden. Not only that, the fried rice looked like it was decorated by unlimited emeralds and jades. Just by sight, it couldn’t help but make people drool.

“Come and try it—pearl emerald jade golden fried rice made by me, the God of Food!”

The Goddess of Nine Colours said disdainfully, “What is this pearl emerald jade golden fried rice—isn’t it just fried rice with some vegetables?”

Although she said this, her hand movements were not slow at all. A ribbon with nine colours fluttered, rolled up the plate and delivered it towards her.

The God of Food was already used to her critique. He smilingly looked at her bringing the fried rice on the table, preparing to have a feast. Suddenly, the God of Food’s facial expression slightly changed and his eyes were drawn in one direction. At his back, rings of light wheels overlapped instantly and became a five-ringed light wheel, suspended in the back of the head, followed by a rising strong momentum.  

The Goddess of Nine Colours also felt that something wasn’t right. She put down the fried rice in her hands, darted and came to the side of the God of Food. Both of their five rings rose—different from the God of Food who had white light wheels, at the back of her head were light wheels with nine colours, which were extremely dazzling.

Not only that—she raised her right hand, and a tiny delicate pagoda rose from her palm. The pagoda had nine levels, shining with dense light.

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